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Leisnoi land trade with borough not dead
Termination Point is a popular hiking destination on Monashka Bay, but most of the hikers who traverse its trails don’t know they’re trespassing. An ongoing effort by the Kodiak Island Borough could change that problem. Termination Point is owned by Leisnoi Inc., the Native corporation of Woody Island, which also owns substantial tracts of land along the Kodiak road system. Leisnoi is logging its Chiniak property ...
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More Q & A with Kodiak's greenest thumb
Editor’s Note: Garden columnist Marion Owen continues her spring question-and-answer session this week. To see last week’s first question-and-answer column, visit www.kodiakdailymirror.com. Q: We have a lawn, raised beds and a small greenhouse. We do the organic thing in our raised beds, but what about our lawn? We want it to look nice but don't want our kids playing on and running around barefoot on chemical-trea...
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Gun control is about control of the people
To the Editor: It’s been a while since gun owners in Australia were forced by law to surrender 640,381 personal firearms costing $500 million. First year results are in. Homicides are up 3.2 percent, assaults up 8.6 percent, armed robberies up 44 percent, and homicides with firearms are up 300 percent. There’s been an increase in break-ins and assaults on the elderly are skyrocketing. Gun-toting Americans are clea...
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Comfish will offer additional insight into Gulf catch share options
A new plan to reduce bycatch by trawlers is being crafted by federal managers for Gulf of Alaska groundfish fisheries, and it likely will result in a catch share plan. Now is the time for fishing residents to make sure the new program protects their access to local resources and sustains, instead of drains, their coastal communities. Currently, the plan includes trawlers in the central Gulf and both trawl and pot ...
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Around Kodiak: April 1
The Heroes of Telemark, an action-packed movie filmed on location in Norway, will be shown at 6:30 p.m. in the Marion Center behind St. Mary’s Catholic School and Church. Admission is free. The 1965 film, starring Kirk Douglas and Richard Harris, is based on a true story of how a team sabotaged a Nazi laboratory in the Norwegian mountains. The laboratory was designed to develop “heavy water” for nuclear weapons. P...
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Internet find restores a rare piece of history to Kodiak
Nick Troxell was scouring eBay in search of his next Alaska treasure when he stumbled upon an item he just couldn’t pass up — an old tin can. At first glance, the can looks like a regular tin can with some years behind it, but Troxell, being a former Kodiak fisherman, recognized the significance of the can. The front of the can’s label reads “Alaska Salmon” and features a picture of a salmon. On the back are two A...
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City council OKs ambulance fee increase
The Kodiak City Council has approved a rate increase for ambulance service provided by the Kodiak Fire Department. In a unanimous vote, the council agreed that rate increases are needed to keep pace with rising costs. "It's something we have to do to maintain the rate of inflation to our costs," said councilman Charles Davidson. "This wasn't done because we're trying to make our city overpriced." The city will now...
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In pollock season, an unpleasant surprise for Kodiak deliveries
A change in the way pollock and cod are processed in the Gulf of Alaska could end up costing Kodiak millions in lost tax revenue. On Tuesday night, Alaska Pacific Seafoods plant manager Matt Moir told the Kodiak City Council that fishermen in the recent pollock ‘B’ season skipped their traditional deliveries to Kodiak in favor of dropping off fish at tenders headed west. “Fourteen million pounds of seafood that no...
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Ice rink to close Monday
Kodiak’s high country is blanketed in snow, but the spring thaw is coming early to the city’s ice rink. On Thursday afternoon, Corey Gronn, the city’s ice rink supervisor, announced the rink will end its season early after its sole remaining refrigeration compressor failed. “We're unable to make ice, basically, unable to maintain ice with these temperatures,” he said. The compressor failed Tuesday, but unseasonabl...
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In the Courts: March 29
Dismissals • Charges of third-degree criminal mischief and furnishing alcohol to a minor against Logan Mosquito, 22, were dismissed Dec. 10. • One count of fourth-degree drugs misconduct against Morris Anderson, 63, was dismissed Feb. 14. • One count of fourth-degree assault against Byron Kashevarof, 29, was dismissed Feb. 15 • One count of fourth-degree drugs misconduct against Loren Delacruz, 22, was dismissed F...
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