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Pat Branson seeks second term as city mayor
Pat Branson is looking toward the future. As the current City of Kodiak mayor, she’s been involved in key talks about Kodiak’s critical infrastructure needs, and is ready to lead the city in addressing those needs. “I think we have a lot to catch up with, with infrastructure with the City of Kodiak,” Branson said. “We’re all about keeping toilets flushing in 2015.” Branson is up for reelection for a second two-yea...
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Forecast boundaries to change
Sailors are used to changing weather. When it comes to the ocean, that’s about the only reliable thing. The National Weather Service provides the best glimpse into what the changing weather will bring, but starting Oct. 1, it’s the forecasts themselves that will be changing. On that date, forecasters will change the boundaries of their forecast areas in the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea. It’s a small change on...
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Public radio searching for more local content
Kodiak Public Broadcasting Corporation is pushing for more people to get involved in producing local content for public radio. At the annual meeting on Saturday, board members talked about upcoming changes and goals, and general manager Mike Wall talked about the new radio station KODK-FM 90.7, which has been on the air for several weeks. Wall mentioned that Kodiak Public Broadcasting plans to develop more partner...
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Tourism bureau releases new line of Discover Kodiak products
Discover Kodiak recently launched a new line of products to go hand in hand with the tourism bureau’s new brand. Kodiak’s tourism bureau went through a name change and rebranding earlier this year. They changed the name from the Kodiak Island Convention and Visitor Bureau to Discover Kodiak in an effort to make it easier for visitors to find the information they need. Executive director Chastity Starrett said the ...
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Spearfishing record set in Kodiak
In the ocean’s depths, Andy Joca is on top of the world. On Aug. 24, the Coast Guard officer hauled in a world record: a 13.2-pound starry flounder that is the largest ever taken with a spear gun. The record fish was certified by the International Underwater Spearfishing Association and so large that it even tops the rod and reel record. Joca, who has been in Kodiak for just one month, downplays his accomplishment...
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Kodiak Police Chief retires after 25 years
Police Chief Charles “T.C.” Kamai came to Kodiak 25 years ago as a 22-year-old eager to fulfill his childhood dream of working as a police officer. Kamai is retiring after a full career that took him as a patrol officer and made him the city’s chief of police. When he moved from Anchorage to take the patrol job in 1988, Kamai planned to stay for only two years. His plans changed when he found that Kodiak was ripe ...
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Borough requests $100 million for Tusty
The Kodiak Island Borough assembly approved a resolution asking Gov. Sean Parnell to budget $100 million for a new Tustumena-class ferry but failed to approve a larger legislative wish list Thursday night. The assembly's Tustumena asks the governor to add $100 million to the state's vessel replacement fund. A new Tustumena-class vessel is expected to cost in excess of $200 million, but the vessel replacement fund ...
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New radio station live
Kodiak public radio fans now have twice as much to be happy about. Kodiak Public Broadcasting has formally opened a new public radio station, KODK-FM 90.7. The station is a sister to KMXT-FM 100.1, which continues to be Kodiak’s flagship public radio station. General manager Mike Wall said Kodiak needs a second public radio station because public radio listeners have different ideas of what they want to hear, and ...
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$2.8 million sidewalk complete
Visitors aboard Kodiak’s final cruise ship of the season were among the first to use the city’s newest transportation artery on Wednesday. At a cost of more than $2.8 million, the first phase of the Shelikof Street Pedestrian Improvement Project is all but complete. Traffic cones and caution tape still drape the edges of the new sidewalk that connects Pier 2 and Jack Hinckel Way, but that didn’t deter a handful of...
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Coast Walk yields positive results
Forty-eight beaches on the Kodiak Island road system have been cleaned of garbage this summer as part of the Coast Walk summer cleanup campaign. Earlier this summer Island Trails Network identified 81 beaches on the road system as targets for the cleanup, which was funded by the Alaska Marine Stewardship Foundation. The goal of Coast Walk was to create public awareness of marine debris and to get beaches cleaned. ...
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