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Outdoor Kodiak: Changing tactics to keep up with ocean
For most of my 40 years on Kodiak, great halibut fishing was almost a sure thing, with lots of fish and big fish if you wanted them. With the decline in halibut populations throughout their range in recent years, that has all changed. You have to work harder and longer for your halibut, and get acquainted with new locations when old hot spots sputter or fail. Last year was downright rotten. Sure, you could catch h...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Rust spot sounds death knell for hooks
The first fishing trip of the season can be challenging. It seems that no matter how much you plan ahead and assemble your gear, you always discover you forgot something once you’re on the water. Or alongside it. For my wife, this year it was her waders. They were right by the door so she wouldn’t forget them, and they were still there waiting when we drove back home to retrieve them. For me it was the tackle box....
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OUTDOOR KODIAK: December deer for taste, not trophies
The week between Christmas and New Year’s is rich with tradition. For many on Kodiak it’s time to join family and friends in loading freezers with venison. These late season hunts are all about sweet venison in the freezer rather than racks on the wall. I learned that the hard way on my first venture over three decades ago. There was a lot of snow up high, even if it was patchy down near sea level. I had climbed u...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Late silvers
The crowds of silver salmon anglers have thinned noticeably, even as numbers of fish mount daily. You might already have put your gear away, but those are very good reasons to retrieve it from storage. This has been a really odd year for silvers, between the low water, small fish size, and large numbers of fish. It’s not unusual to hear tales of 20, 30, even 40 silvers caught and released in a day! I tend to lose ...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Dry fishing for trout
When it comes to world class fly fishing for trout, most folks picture places like Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and New Zealand. But Kodiak, Alaska? Believe it or not, Kodiak deserves a place right alongside those hallowed trout waters. Our family enjoys a steady stream of visitors each fall who come specifically for the great Dolly fishing. It’s more than coincidence that they come from Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and New...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Time to get serious about pink salmon
Masses of pink salmon may not crowd river mouths just yet. But their numbers along beaches have grown so much it’s time to get serious about fishing. In fact it’s a good thing the river mouths won’t clog with them for another few weeks. While it’s a treat to see great masses of pink salmon undulating with the currents, it’s just about impossible to avoid snagging them with every cast. You may hook lots of fish, bu...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Camping in the rain
How was your Fourth of July weekend? If you were camping, you got a firsthand look at Kodiak’s rainy weather. Camping in the rain is challenging, especially when you mix in a good dose of wind. Season your adventure with energetic young kids, and a rainy day camp can be a little too memorable at times. After the heavy rain Friday night, we saw a steady stream campers headed for home on Saturday. With relief so clo...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Zeroing in on halibut
I have to admit that we haven’t spent as much time halibut fishing as we should. King salmon fishing has been too good for us. But so far, the halibut have us really scratching our heads. We haven’t caught one in our usual hotspots. We haven’t caught one while anchored. We haven’t caught one with bait resting on the bottom. We have caught all our halibut in new spots. We’ve caught all of them either drifting or tr...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Catching the first pink salmon
Warm sunny days are made for lolling on beaches. And pink salmon fishing! Pink salmon in June? Absolutely. And with other salmon species arriving early, I expect you can find at least a few pink salmon right now. It’s been our family tradition to catch pink salmon for our daughter’s birthday on June 21, and most years we manage to do it. Laze on a beach. Catch a pink salmon. Cook it on the coals of a beach fire. S...
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Outdoor Kodiak: When is it time for a new rod?
Is it time for new fishing rods in your collection? I thought we were pretty well set up until this last winter when we fished in Florida. Did I ever learn a thing or two! As you might guess, we have a whole lot of fishing rods. Some are almost as old as I am, and we still use them. You might say that we’ve become a little set in our ways. We simply like our rods so much we’ve never been moved to try others. But a...
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