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Outdoor Kodiak: Zeroing in on halibut
I have to admit that we haven’t spent as much time halibut fishing as we should. King salmon fishing has been too good for us. But so far, the halibut have us really scratching our heads. We haven’t caught one in our usual hotspots. We haven’t caught one while anchored. We haven’t caught one with bait resting on the bottom. We have caught all our halibut in new spots. We’ve caught all of them either drifting or tr...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Catching the first pink salmon
Warm sunny days are made for lolling on beaches. And pink salmon fishing! Pink salmon in June? Absolutely. And with other salmon species arriving early, I expect you can find at least a few pink salmon right now. It’s been our family tradition to catch pink salmon for our daughter’s birthday on June 21, and most years we manage to do it. Laze on a beach. Catch a pink salmon. Cook it on the coals of a beach fire. S...
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Outdoor Kodiak: When is it time for a new rod?
Is it time for new fishing rods in your collection? I thought we were pretty well set up until this last winter when we fished in Florida. Did I ever learn a thing or two! As you might guess, we have a whole lot of fishing rods. Some are almost as old as I am, and we still use them. You might say that we’ve become a little set in our ways. We simply like our rods so much we’ve never been moved to try others. But a...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Dolly Varden in the ocean
Recent days have felt like summer. In fact, this is the first time in years our lawn has required mowing in May. But surely I don’t have to resort to the lawnmower just yet. It’s time for my favorite activity on lazy summer days, even if it’s not really summer quite yet. Kodiak’s shoreline now teems with sea run Dolly Varden. Yesterday afternoon we returned to shore in our boat, spooking such a large school of Dol...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Tune up your trolling
King salmon fishing is hot right now. Just look at the entries in the 2015 KACO king salmon derby! http://www.kodiakaco.com/derbyentry.html Three weeks into the contest the array of smiling anglers is already larger than last year, and the docks echo with rueful accounts of those who fish without derby tickets. King salmon will come within reach of shore in late June or early July, but for now you need to climb on...
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OUTDOOR KODIAK: The strange case of this year’s spring halibut
I can use a single word to describe our early season halibut fishing. Weird! We’re not finding the fish in our usual places or when fishing in traditional ways. Yet we’re finding them. In unexpected places using methods that most folks don’t associate with halibut. Our first halibut was a nice, fat 30-pounder that landed flopping on our deck the last week of April. As usual my wife connected with it, and not five ...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Try these tricks for luring year’s first Dolly Varden
Fishing for Dolly Varden is a rite of spring for Kodiak anglers. Days lengthen noticeably in May and the air warms. The rivers fill with Dollies, and it’s time to start the new fishing season. I wish I could predict the date when the run will start, but it’s highly variable from year to year. Rising water temperature is most certainly a trigger, but I’m starting to wonder if day length also contributes. It’s a sur...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Whales and eagles but no bears (oh, my!)
My wife and I had celebrated a small weather break with a stroll along the top of sea cliffs after dinner. Looking down below us we noticed three sea otters alongside a reef. That wasn’t unusual, because we see them feeding there on almost every visit. But this time they were absolutely still, not moving a muscle and within easy reach of the exposed rocks. That was most certainly out of character! A glance out to ...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Jig, mooch for kings without downriggers
I’m among the legions who love king salmon, both on the line and on the table. I’ve fished for them for over 50 years now, and they continue to fascinate me. In recent years downriggers have become standard equipment for saltwater fishing. They certainly make it easier to catch kings when they’re holding deep, but do you really need them? They’re expensive, after all, and if you’re not trolling at the moment, they...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Time to tune up your shooting
Newcomers to Kodiak are startled by our long deer season, beginning each year on August 1 and extending through the end of October on the road system. In fact it runs through December 31 on the remainder of the island. On August 1, most people are chasing halibut and pink salmon without regard for what is happening in the surrounding hills. The deer opener comes on you quickly here on this great island. In fact on...
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