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Alutiiq week in Akhiok sees mending nets, baking clams and trash-canning
Linda Amodo, mayor of Akhiok, remembers the taboo of identifying too closely with Aleut culture in her younger days in the village. “Back when we were growing up, because of all the alcoholism, we were not proud to be identified as natives, because we thought native Aleuts were just a bunch of drunk people. But in reality that is not part of the culture. That was introduced,” Amodo said. Now, some two decades late...
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Mallot seeking to become fist Democratic governor in more than a decade
If his run for Alaska’s top office succeeds, Byron Mallott would be the state’s first Democratic governor since 2002. In Kodiak through Saturday to attend ComFish Alaska and several campaign events, Mallott said his long record in state politics government and business makes him a good choice to bring different sides together. “I believe my experience will allow me to reach out, understand and work with Alaskans o...
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KHS music concert series begins tonight
Old Harbor seventh grader Josiah Overbeek first tried playing the French horn during a visit to Kodiak about two years ago, when his family came for the birth of his little sister. This week, thanks to another addition to the family, he has the chance to play in a band with his Kodiak Middle School colleagues and meet his teacher in person. “I’m blown away by what he’s accomplished, given our learning situation,” ...
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Suspect's interview played in murder trial
ANCHORAGE (AP) — The Coast Guard civilian charged with killing two co-workers at a Kodiak communications station told an FBI agent he was late getting to work the day of the deaths because he returned home to change a soft tire, but he had no explanation for why the trip of a few miles should have taken more than 34 minutes. James Wells, 62, is charged in federal court with two counts of first-degree murder in the...
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Car expert testifies in Coast Guard double homicide
ANCHORAGE (AP) — Jurors in the trial of a man charged with gunning down two co-workers at a Coast Guard communications station on Kodiak Island repeatedly viewed blurry security-camera footage Tuesday showing a blue car passing the murder scene, then heading in the opposite direction five minutes later. Prosecutors contend the video shows James Wells, 62, in his a sport utility vehicle usually driven by his wife, ...
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Assembly objects proposed amendment to KHS renovation project
A proposed amendment to the contract with Wilson Engineers of Juneau for management of the high school renovation project met pushback from some Kodiak Island Borough Assembly members during the assembly’s Tuesday work session. Under the proposed changes, project manager Bruce Water, a Wilson employee, would get a higher housing allowance and increased hourly pay. Assembly members Chris Lynch and Carol Austerman o...
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Petro Marine’s new fuel dock opens with event
Petro Marine’s gleaming new fuel dock boasts faster fuel times, slicker facilities, and a lot less snow shoveling than its wooden predecessor. “We’ve taken that 1950s technology and brought it up to 2013-2014 with a steel floating dock,” Jaime Flores, plant manager, said. The new marina was completed in October after being closed all of September for renovations. The marina hosts an open house April 17-18 to show ...
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School budgets wait for Legislature
The Kodiak Island Borough Board of Education hopes lawmakers are zeroing in on budget numbers Alaska schools can depend on as the legislative session draws to a close. “It’s the school budget cycle,” superintendent Stewart McDonald said during the board’s work session Monday. “Who would have ever, ever built this on purpose?” McDonald said the rapid changes funding bills going through in Juneau have been hard to t...
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Tire expert testifies in Coast Guard murder trial
ANCHORAGE (AP) — The nail found in the truck tire of the man charged with killing two co-workers at a Kodiak Coast Guard facility likely was inserted mechanically, not picked up along a roadway, a tire expert said Monday. The weathered nail, about 3.5 inches long and bent 7 degrees, was perpendicular to the tire tread, Gary Bolden testified. The head of the nail showed no abrasions that would have indicated it had...
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Monashka pump house bids come in high; council to examine
High bids on the Monashka Bay pump house upgrade could create late-game planning adjustments prior to the project’s approval — seen as “critical” to Kodiak’s water supply — next week. Public Works Director Mark Kozak told the Daily Mirror bids were “higher than the engineer estimates” and city officials were busy examining them. “We’re still trying to evaluate where we can go with the Monashka pump house project. ...
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