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Absurdity is as absurdity does
I find it absurd that the appointment of Mr. (Greg) Spalinger to the P&Z was denied. Mr. Spalinger is a past member of the Borough Assembly. Apparently, neither Mr. (Aaron) Griffin nor the rest of the Assembly, the mayor or the clerk all appear to not know very much about past Assembly members. That is unfortunate and perhaps part of the reasons why some of the Assembly seem to be stumbling over identifying Mr. Sp...
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Open mouth, insert foot
This is a response to the March 9 front-page story “Assembly votes down mayor’s P&Z appointee.” I could not believe Aaron Griffin’s response: “I know nothing about him.” He must be relatively new to Kodiak because he sowed total ignorance. He did not do his homework and should be embarrassed and ashamed. I have known both Greg Spalinger and his wife for many years and you could not find a finer couple. Furthermore...
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GUEST OPINION: Get involved with teacher evaluations
It’s no surprise that when parents and community members get involved in the education process, positive things happen for our children. As a parent, I am the most influential person in my child’s life. When I am engaged and take part in their education, they do better. What happens in our schools directly impacts our children and their future. Children spend about seven hours of their day in school. In most cases...
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GUEST OPINION: Kodiak as seen through California eyes
I visited Kodiak this past January with a touring performance of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe that my dear friend Mat Freeman and I had decided to stage together. It was one of those fluke circumstances that later proved serendipitous. I never meant to come to Kodiak — it was just the only time and place where schedules aligned. My fate was decided with a somewhat apocryphal exchange that, despite not bein...
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P&Z abuses continue
To the Editor, Last summer I got my lesson in the abusive Planning and Zoning process and I’ve been paying close attention to our government ever since. I was involved in the recent public resistance to the draft codes, and I’ve started attending borough, city, and P&Z meetings and work sessions. The Assembly and P&Z commission is holding a joint work session to discuss the Code update this Thursday, March 12, and...
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Using public tax dollars?
This past week’s KDM contained a news story reporting that the Kodiak City Council had voiced support for using public tax dollars to support private development of Swampy Acres. Just to make sure I have my facts straight. First, the land is privately owned by Natives of Kodiak Inc. (NoC Inc.) a revenue-producing corporation. Secondly, this corporation would like to develop the subject land in some fashion in orde...
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Rebuttal to "Kodiak Drug War"
Barbara Bellinger’s Letter to the Editor (Feb. 26) drips with ignorance! The “war on drugs” has been an absolute failure! Unless the true intent of this “war” is to put millions in prison, inflate the street price of drugs to astronomical levels, increase violence, militarize police, increase warrantless spying, destroy our Constitution and increase profits for the security/prison complex. If so, then it’s been a ...
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Kodiak’s Drug War
To the Editor, I laughed when I read the recent opinion piece in the Kodiak Daily Mirror. It read many citizens are outraged regarding a recent drug raid. My question is: Do you want to catch the drug dealers or not? Oh, wait. You WANT to catch them. You just want to do it your way. Agencies don't communicate when they conduct a drug raid. They plan it. They implement it. And, if the raid goes well, they catch the...
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Quit spending please
Letter to the editor, I see we have a surplus or shall I say did have a surplus of $5 million that the school board is trying to spend. This is money that until last week was not needed for normal every day operating expenses. So last Monday the school board took about $2 million out for “professional development.” What? Hello, anybody home? Governor says massive cuts. We already have hundreds of millions of dolla...
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Forming a socialistic fuel company is a solution to high gas prices
Letter to the Editor: I enjoyed reading Mr. Dochtermann’s recent Letter-to-the-Editor critiquing the high price of Petro Star, Inc. gasoline here on Kodiak. Whereas I agree with his facts and share his frustrations, I really do not fault the Petro Star Corporation for its high gasoline prices. For our community has and has had every opportunity to provide itself with lower cost fuel and has shown that it is just n...
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