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Kodiak resident completes 80-day spring course
Lander, Wyo.— Daniel Zimmer, 19, of Kodiak, Alaska, recently completed a Wilderness Medicine and Rescue Semester traveling in the Rocky Mountains with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). Zimmer and his coursemates began their semester with wilderness emergency medical technician training. This section lasted four weeks and combined urban EMT training with a wilderness first responder course. The trainin...
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Net pens rearing coho in Boy Scout Lake
The three net pens floating in Boy Scout Lake are home to baby coho, often referred to as silver, salmon for the next year. The Kodiak Regional Aquaculture Association uses the net pens to house the fish as they grow before they will be used to stock streams on the road system, said KRAA’s executive director Tina Fairbanks. The net pens currently in Boy Scout Lake popped up about two weeks ago for the first time i...
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Monashka Creek, Monashka Bay closed to sport fishing for king salmon
The entire Monashka Creek drainage and the waters of Monashka Bay shoreward of a straight line extending from Miller Point to Termination Point are closed to sport fishing for king salmon effective 12:01 a.m., Thursday, June 25, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game said in a news release. The closure prohibits all sport fishing, including catch-and-release fishing for king salmon. King salmon may not be possesse...
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Dealing with fight-or-flight nervous system
In my line of work as a physical therapist, I work with people whose bodies and brains think a bear is chasing them. Quite literally. No, they don't come into me with sweat pouring down their face in frenzy. It’s subtler than that. It’s the fight-or-flight nervous system response gone bananas and not turning off when it should. This presents as a series of bodily reactions that typically occur under duress. We all...
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Fort Abercrombie revives historical focus with tours
During the summer, tours are being offered through Fort Abercrombie State Historic Park, and last Saturday’s included a presentation on the military installations there and a tour around the various still existing installations. Dave Ostlund, who used to work at the Kodiak Military History Museum, gave a 45 minutes presentation before leading the small group through the park. He gave a brief history of the beginni...
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Assembly moves fees forward, fails resource manager hiring
The Kodiak Island Borough assembly has re-established the borough’s fee schedule, and did not approve the hiring of a resource manager due to some assembly members’ budget concerns. The borough’s fees are reviewed annually by the assembly. Among the changes at Thursday’s meeting, the fees were modified to clarify that people can take up to 500 pounds of garbage per day including construction debris and metals to t...
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Assembly talks subsistence management
The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly discussed a resolution in support of a Congressional bill governing rural and non-rural designations, and chose to postpone the resolution until they received more information. If passed, the Subsistence Access Management Act would require the U.S. Congress to approve the re-designation of any village from rural to urban. During the public comment period at the beginning of the T...
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Troopers seek owner of gun found in parking lot
State troopers are looking for the owner of a firearm found in the parking lot of Heitman Lake Trailhead. A trooper report said Kodiak resident Autumn Hanson, 28, found a firearm in the parking lot at around noon on June 13. Hanson left the firearm where she found it in hopes the owner would return after realizing it was missing. When Hanson returned from hiking about four hours later, she found the gun in the sam...
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Weight limits on ferry dock restricted
Weight restrictions on the Pier 1 ferry dock have been lowered, cut in half for tandem axles, but shouldn’t affect most passengers, according to the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities. Jeremy Woodrow, a spokesman for ADOT&PF, said the dock was inspected in the last few months. “Our historic data showed that the load restrictions on the terminal needed to be look at and there needed to be an update ...
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Volunteers work to move donated World War II searchlight from Oregon to Kodiak
A bunker in Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park used to contain a searchlight used during World War II, and two volunteers are trying to bring one to Kodiak to place in the park. Retired school teacher Nancy and retired machinist and tool-and-die maker Chuck Meitle live in Oregon but are volunteering at Fort Abercrombie for their fourth summer. While in Oregon, they spotted a bunch of searchlights in a field an...
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