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Construction companies need to be held accountable
To the Editor, As a citizen of Kodiak, I am concerned about the recent $2.24 million settlement to Pacific Pile for the Pier 3 construction. As I understand from public records, the city supplied sheet steel and pipe steel to the contractor. Sheet Pile was inspected by PND and received by Pacific Pile & Marine (PPM). PPM provided a trucking schedule for transportation to their fabricators where the pipe segments w...
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Not digging the gold standard?
Editor’s Note: This is the second installment of “How safe is your money?” Ron Paul said there are two types of fiat currencies: ones that have collapsed and ones that are going to collapse. The average fiat currency lasts 40 years. We have been off the gold standard as a pure fiat currency for 44 years. We should consider ourselves lucky to have our fiat currency outlast the average. However, when you consider th...
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Thanking Mack’s Sport Shop for supporting local nonprofit
Our old safety vests were falling apart. Most of them had pockets ripped off. Mack’s Sport Shop came to the rescue and donated new reflective vests. They even had them embroidered with our logo. The vests are much higher quality than the ones they replaced. Mack’s went all out and even donated enough for our crew and several different sized extras to accommodate our volunteers as well. It is terrific when local bu...
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Be careful what you believe
To the Editor, With recent happenings in Kodiak, many of us still do not know when we are being duped. There are those out there with agenda that most haven’t a clue exist. An example would be the fact that several years ago those outside of Kodiak convinced the powers that be to limit our local fisherman to one King Salmon per year. Most recently we had those from the Kenia/Soldotna area paying someone to get sig...
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How Safe is Your Money?
PART 1 Editor’s Note: This is the first installment of the six-part “How safe is your money?” Before gold and silver were used as a medium of exchange, the barter system was the prominent means for most transactions. If a dairy farmer needed some shoes, he would trade however many quarts of milk he and the cobbler agreed on as a fair price for a pair a shoes. The problem with this method is that it's difficult to ...
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A huge Thank You to Kodiak Community College
To the Editor, Thanks so much to the staff and faculty of our Kodiak Community College for hosting the 2015 SERVS/Alyeska Oil Spill Response Classroom Training, March 29, 30 and 31. Staff members were especially helpful with technology; classroom set up and were ready at a moments notice to take care of any request. Your help was invaluable. KOC Faculty, your ability to change your regular classroom assignments du...
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Thank you, Kodiak teachers and staff
The Kodiak Community Education Alliance Board would like to say thank you to all the Kodiak teachers and staff members of 2014-2015. As we say goodbye to entirely too many of you who are leaving the district, whether it is because you are retiring or moving on elsewhere, we want to recognize and salute you and your tireless service to the Kodiak Island community. You have been on the front lines pushing and educat...
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Thanks for supporting the dance team
To the Editor, We would like to say a big, warm thank you to our generous community for supporting the Kodiak High School Dance Team and sending us to Disneyland to perform. It was an amazing experience and there is no way we would’ve been able to grow as dancers without Kodiak's funds and love to make it possible. We all were able to broaden our dance experience through performing for the Disney crowds, taking ma...
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Thanking residents who made code victory possible
Mr. (Richard) Ross’ remarks and accusations (Opinion, March 20) have been well repudiated by others in Opinion pieces and Letters to the Editor and by Kodiakcompass.com. Therefore, I believe beating a dead horse is not in our best interest or the best use of my words here today. Mostly, I want to thank the people who made the code victory possible and also those who have shown an interest in reining in these out-o...
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Conspiracies and community values
I had a really good laugh reading the March 20 Daily Mirror guest column titled “Freedom and Conspiracy Theorists.” And I mean no disrespect to the author when I say that this was some really funny stuff: The John Birch Society, McCarthyism and the father of the Koch Brothers and a propaganda campaign that would have made the Chinese Communists or Madison Avenue proud. The author reveals and exposes how the local ...
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