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Outdoor Kodiak: A mooch better choice than crowded hotspot
Boy, what a snarl of boats these days in the popular salmon trolling locations! Boats weaving in and out in close quarters, tangled lines, frayed tempers, and even a little yelling and name calling now and then. Not for this kid! Holy cow, if I had to do that to catch ocean salmon, I’d switch to golf. In my long experience salmon mooching is often more productive than trolling, and that’s saying something. It’s a ...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Searching for the first silver salmon
I’m not alone in searching for my first silver salmon of the year. While I have been encouraged by offshore catches, I’ve been concerned all summer that the run would be late into their home rivers like our other salmon runs. I’m happy to report that my worries are over. Silvers are starting to appear along the beaches and trickle into road system rivers. As a matter of fact, I can pass on firsthand accounts of th...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Ptarmigan hunting is enjoyable
My favorite hunting season opened last week without me. I suspect I’m not the only enthusiast who let it slip by. I’m talking about ptarmigan season, of course. It’s without a doubt some of the most enjoyable hunting imaginable, yet the season opens without fanfare. I think that’s because so many other options tempt outdoor enthusiasts. Pink salmon fishing is full swing, the nicest days are reserved for boating, a...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Backup plans for fishing
Let’s face it. There are days when fish are simply hard to catch. And that seems especially true this summer with the cold water in the ocean. Even so, there are also days when you really need to catch fish. When you have kids or visitors on your boat the pressure to produce on slow days can seem insurmountable. You don’t have to produce trophy fish or fill any shipping boxes, but the fight against boredom and sho...
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Trout and nothing but on rivers upstream
Salmon fever is in full swing on Kodiak. The crowds of anglers on beaches and rivers confirm it. But come Aug. 1 when the upper rivers close to salmon fishing, salmon fever is going to be even more apparent. River anglers will be moved to the lower stretches and beaches until mid-September, even as more anglers arrive to enjoy the runs. While Aug. 1 figures prominently in the world of salmon anglers, it means some...
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Kodiak Tapestry: No matter how bumpy the road, enjoying the journey
Last summer, while driving the bumpy road to Saltery Cove, I was awestruck by distant fireweed-shrouded hills. The rays of the setting sun beamed through a fissure in the clouds, transforming the flowers into an Elysian field. I parked the four-wheeler I was driving, so I could take pictures. But pictures are flat, one-dimensional facsimiles of the real thing. A picture doesn’t capture the striking color of the la...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Solving the halibut puzzle is more difficult this year
Having trouble finding halibut this year? You’re not alone. Early in the season we tried all our usual hotspots with little or no success. Friends reported the same experiences, and the hunt was on. Over the years we have found a rhythm to the timing and places we fish for halibut over the course of the summer. And we tend to fish for them in the same ways. My boat has put in a lot of miles and hours looking for h...
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Outdoor Kodiak: August deer hunting has its rewards
Deer season opens in just two weeks on August 1. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Early deer hunting on Kodiak is unlike any I’ve experienced elsewhere in the country. The grass on the hillsides can be over your head, and that’s not to mention the dense alders and thick salmonberries. It can be downright hot by Kodiak standards, the white sox biting flies can be fierce, and the “blow” flies can spoil a deer in short ord...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Escape to isolated lakes
Kodiak’s fishing landscape is certainly challenging this year, isn’t it? The king salmon are scarce and halibut remain scattered in deeper water. The pink salmon are slow to show, while the usual array of sharp elbows and crossed lines dominate productive red salmon rivers. What in the heck can you do if you want nothing more than a relaxing day of fishing? For me, that means a fair chance to catch fish without th...
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Kenai women warm to firearms
KENAI (AP) — Four women sat in a circle and listened to Ted Spraker retell an email he once received about how small of a gun could be used to stop a charging brown bear in its tracks on Saturday afternoon. Spraker told the curious women it could be any caliber, really. “The email said, ‘One shot to my husband’s knee cap and I ran away to safety,’” he said drawing laughter from the women. The moment was welcome co...
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