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Kodiak woman publishes book about life on two islands
Sara Loewen-Danelski never thought the essays she wrote for a graduate class would turn into a book, but that’s exactly what happened. Loewen-Danelski recently published a book called “Gaining Daylight” that details her experiences growing up on Kodiak Island, living in a remote set net camp with her family, and navigating motherhood. “I had written them essay by essay and after I finished I thought, ‘that’s done ...
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Hope Community Resources holds annual murder mystery dinner
A murderer will strike in Kodiak on Friday, but it’s all part of the act for the annual Heart of Hope mystery dinner. The annual dinner and auction is a fundraiser for Hope Community Resources, a non-profit organization that supports the developmentally or intellectually disabled. The event includes the show, a dinner and an auction. This is the fifth year of the event, which features a different mystery each year...
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KHS dance team concert is Friday
Kodiak High School dancers rehearse Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2012 in the Gerald C. Wilson Auditorium as they prepare for their annual concert Saturday. The concert, named "Time After Time," will highlight a variety of dance styles including hip hop, lyrical, jazz, ballroom and break. The concert begins at 7 p.m., and tickets are available at 6 p.m. Admission is $8 for students or $10 for adults. (James Brooks photo)
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Arts council calls for book art submissions
The Kodiak Arts Council is asking people to transform old books into pieces of art for an upcoming altered book art show. An altered book is any book, old or new, that has been recycled and turned into a work of art. The Arts Council partnered with the Kodiak Public Library Association to create the show, as a fundraiser for the library’s capital campaign project. “We were thinking of different ways to get the com...
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Stage and Screen: Epiphanies aren't only religious anymore
A new genre of film has appeared on my radar screen — the “epiphany flick.” While these films have been around for a long time, epiphany flick has not been a term that I have used to describe a film that examines an allegorical experience which transforms a person from one philosophical, religious or political position to another. That all changed with “Promised Land” (2012). I have used the patronizing term “chic...
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Arts council brings Canadian blues singer to Kodiak
By NICOLE KLAUSS Mirror Writer Kodiakans can hear the music of an award-winning “blue-collar blues” singer-songwriter live this Saturday night. Canadian artist Matt Anderson will perform at the Kodiak Harbor Convention Center at 7 p.m. Anderson is the first singer on the Kodiak Arts Council's performing arts series for 2013, and he will be performing solo. Two other performers on the 2013 series schedule are also ...
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Program brings art to Kodiak Courthouse
The Kodiak courthouse has added new artwork in an effort to make people's visit to the courthouse less stressful. Law clerk M'Leah Woodard is responsible for the recent additions. Woodard started working in Kodiak as the clerk for Judge Steve Cole in August. Shortly after arriving, she undertook a project to bring more art to the courthouse. "When I arrived in August, all of the walls in the courthouse were white,...
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New book covers Aleutian freighters
It’s not an easy job hauling cargo down the length of the Aleutians, and a new book published by Seattle’s Documentary Media takes readers behind the scenes of the Aleutians break-bulk industry. “Aleutian Freighter” is the latest work by James Mackovjak, a Gustavus resident who has previously written about commercial fishing in Glacier Bay and logging in Southeast Alaska. “It was a really nice project because I go...
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Stage and Screen: 'Starlet' Ain’t No Dog
“Starlet” Ain’t No Dog In the 2012 film “Starlet,” Jane (Dree Hemingway) is 21. Jane is drop-dead gorgeous. Jane is a nice girl from Florida who lives and works in Los Angeles. Jane makes her gritty living by starring in hard-core porn flicks. Jane shares an apartment with Melissa (Stella Maeve) and her pimp Mickey (James Ransone.) Melissa is an air-head dope smoker with the intellectual and moral depth of an empt...
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Book signing highlights second book swap
After the Kodiak Public Library Association raised almost $800 with its first-ever brewery book swap, KPLA has decided to try again. On Sunday after, the Kodiak Island Brewery will host another swap, with proceeds going to benefit the new library. The second edition, which runs 3-5 p.m., will be “bigger and better,” KPLA capital campaign manager Kelly Longrich said. The swap will be highlighted by the arrival of a...
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