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Army Corps to explain permitting to Kodiak
Anyone with a wetlands or permitting question can ask the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which is hosting an informational open house on July 8, 10 a.m.-2 p.m., at the Kodiak Public Library. The corps’ regulatory division representatives will entertain permitting questions regarding requirements for placing fill and structures in waters of the United States. “We do have folks in Kodiak who have projects that may im...
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Runners get muddy and have fun at the Bear Crawl
About 70 Bear Crawl race participants got covered in mud and had a good workout during the obstacle-filled 1.25-mile race on Saturday. The course cleared hurdles, scaled up a net wall, hurdled across a tire romp, hoisted up a climbing wall, and hastened through a bunch of hanging buoys and other obstacles, making eight in all. The runners were released in several waves, and many ran with their friends. Some partic...
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Many pay respects to Malutin
Dozens of friends and family members showed up to pay their respects at the funeral of Iver Malutin, packing the Holy Resurrection Cathedral on Saturday, June 28. Malutin died last week at the age of 82. He was a well-known and beloved part of the community, attested to by the crowded church and the nearby streets clogged with parked vehicles. “The witness that we have here today, the outpouring, the fact that the...
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Borough looks at bond issue for facilities projects
The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly mulled a future bond issue as part of a solution to the upkeep on borough facilities projects. An assembly work session Thursday saw agreements among some members to develop plans to use inter-fund loans and a possible bond issue to help fund the borough’s renewal and replacement facilities maintenance program. “It’s real clear that we have multimillions of dollars worth of asset...
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High school construction more than half done
The construction of the new high school — budgeted at $80 million — is more than halfway finished and slated to be completed by its target date in fall of 2015. “Overall we’re at about 55 percent completion of the project,” Bruce Walter, the project manager for Wilson Engineering, told the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly Thursday. The initial plans called for the completion of it by Aug. 1, in time for the start of...
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Legion’s cookout canceled, several parades and picnics planned for 4th
The American Legion hosts the 4th of July parade once again this year, but patriots hankering for a cheeseburger and a coke afterwards need to go elsewhere. The Legion parade begins at 11 a.m. downtown. Parade staging begins at Oscar's Dock at 10:15 a.m. The American Legion canceled its cookout – a Kodiak tradition -- due to “economic reasons,” Jared Decker, second vice commander of the Legion, told the Mirror. “I...
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Maritime development plan spurs new class plans for college
Kodiak College plans more maritime-related course offerings starting in the next few years, in conjunction with a new maritime workforce development plan released by the state of Alaska. The plan, released earlier this month, lays out a road map for ensuring Alaska has personnel capable of filling positions in marine-related positions, according to the State of Alaska Department of Labor website. The plan noted th...
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Auxiliary to offer boating safety class, identifies problems
The Coast Guard Auxiliary offers a boating safety class for recreational boaters that can help those interested in becoming part of the auxiliary or who want moral, wellness & recreation privileges on base. The class is eight hours long and will provide a wide variety of boating safety information. “We’re really targeting recreational boaters,” said Wes Hanna, the Kodiak auxiliary flotilla commander and vessel exa...
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Monashka closed to king fishing, Dog Salmon River red limit increased
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game released emergency orders closing king salmon fishing in Monashka Creek and Monashka Bay and increasing the red limits in the Dog Salmon River drainage to 10 per day. The emergency order for the Monashka area will go into effect tomorrow morning, June 28, at 12:01 a.m. and will remain in effect until August 1. The emergency order for the Dog Salmon River is effective as of th...
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Fisheries work group looks at bycatch management proposal
The Kodiak fisheries work group discussed proposed changes in federal trawl bycatch management that could impact the community’s many fishing industry players. From the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council, the motions call for a comprehensive system to manage trawl bycatch in the Gulf of Alaska including 100 percent observer coverage, fishing areas, eligibility, cooperative quota species, inshore and offsho...
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