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Tapestry: Norton was processing ‘laureate’ of the fishing industry
The salmon are in and the fishermen are out. When returning salmon are caught by hard-working gillnetters and seiners, cannery crews are hard at work as well. Even though their jobs don’t seem as robust and invigorating as the fish catchers’, the cannery workers nevertheless live an unpredictable summer as they fall lock step with the rhythm of the fleet. What would the industry do without them? Hats off to the ca...
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Another Day in Paradise: Lines in the sand
I know our weather has been beautiful. You might even go so far as to call it amazing. But in spite of our record heat wave of however many days we actually reached 70 degrees, there are some lines I just won’t cross. One of those lines is swimming out on our wonderful beach. As I watched many people wade out into the water, I couldn’t help but shiver. It doesn’t matter that our air temperature achieved a balmy 70...
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Tapestry: Hardens see ministry as spiritual parenting
When Rony Harden, Sr., pastor of Abba Father Christian Fellowship, is asked where he met his wife, he gives a simple, startling answer. “In prison.” As the inquirer catches his breath, Harden explains that he and Cynthia, who became Mrs. Harden, were officers for the Department of Corrections in Washington, D.C. Today the Hardens are joint pastors of a church founded in January 2012. Through counseling, mentoring ...
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Another Day in Paradise: Bearing our pains
As we have been moving boxes and furniture around, the old aches and pains reappear. Bruises that run up and down my arms, my back, shoulders and knees remind me that I’m not 18 anymore. I have increased my daily portion of anti-inflammatory and aspirin and have moaned greatly. I have been reminded twice this week that I have nothing to complain about. As we continue this packing experience, our dogs continue to b...
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Tapestry: Beverly Horn fits in Grand Marshal’s seat
Kodiak treats its elders well. Seniors are asked to share their wisdom at conferences on the aging; they’re privileged to go first in line at community potlucks and potlatches; at Native gatherings, younger spokesmen ask their permission to speak; and every spring an elder is selected to be grand marshal of the Crab Festival’s Grande Parade. When Beverly Horn, this year’s grand marshal, learned she was chosen for ...
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Another Day in Paradise: Storing our treasures
One of the great things about being a Salvation Army Officer is that when you move, there is a place waiting for you. You don’t have to worry about finding housing, you don’t have to worry about packing up furniture when you leave your last post, all you have to do is pack up your few personal belongings and give your current home a good scrubbing, so that the next officers find a place clean, ready, and waiting w...
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Tapestry: Departing priest sets record straight on rumor of school closing
Father Joe Classen, pastor of the St. Mary’s parish, wants to set the record straight. Contrary to local chatter, Kodiak’s Catholic school is not closing its doors. Classen, who will be stepping down as pastor and taking a leave of absence from ministry, said rumors have been flying around town regarding an imminent closing. “There has been a lot of talk, misinformation and negativity and we’re trying to combat th...
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Another Day in Paradise: An Unexpected Provision
It was another typical Kodiak morning. The temperature was cool and comfortable. The dogs and I began our morning walk as usual. We walked down to the corner by Spruce Haven and dropped back to walk along the beach and enjoy the low tide. The usual birds were working their way along the tide pools, the eagles were lined up along the runout from Potato Patch Lake, thanking Fish and Game for fingerlings they plant t...
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Tapestry: Norwegians gather for early celebration of Syttende Mai
The other day a fellow Norwegian had the urge to share his obligatory “Sven and Ole” joke. It had something to do with the guys burying their friend, Thorvald, at sea with a shovel. Lest those outside our circle form their opinion about Norskies through the “square head” jokes, I must say that Norwegians are proud of their history and culture, which gave the world the melodies of Edvard Grieg, the plays of Henrik ...
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Tapestry: Overnight celebrity heads Young Life conference in Kodiak
For a fleeting moment in the grand scheme of things, Brent Cunningham gained national fame. But what ultimately matters to this statewide director of Young Life, a Christian ministry that works with high schoolers, is the eternal. Cunningham, who lives in Sitka, was one of the thousands who ran in the Boston Marathon. Less than an hour after he reached the finish line, the bomb exploded. As he and his wife, Karen,...
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