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Stage and Screen: 'Starlet' Ain’t No Dog
“Starlet” Ain’t No Dog In the 2012 film “Starlet,” Jane (Dree Hemingway) is 21. Jane is drop-dead gorgeous. Jane is a nice girl from Florida who lives and works in Los Angeles. Jane makes her gritty living by starring in hard-core porn flicks. Jane shares an apartment with Melissa (Stella Maeve) and her pimp Mickey (James Ransone.) Melissa is an air-head dope smoker with the intellectual and moral depth of an empt...
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Book signing highlights second book swap
After the Kodiak Public Library Association raised almost $800 with its first-ever brewery book swap, KPLA has decided to try again. On Sunday after, the Kodiak Island Brewery will host another swap, with proceeds going to benefit the new library. The second edition, which runs 3-5 p.m., will be “bigger and better,” KPLA capital campaign manager Kelly Longrich said. The swap will be highlighted by the arrival of a...
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Stage and screen: Lincoln — a man for the ages
“Lincoln” (2012) is a war movie. It portrays battlefield action from beginning to end — some in the muddy killing field trenches and some in the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States. The story opens on a Civil War battlefield. Union and Confederate troops are engaged in mano a mano, toe-to-toe bloody conflict. This is not the stuff of romantic, Civil War gentleman-soldier depictions. We se...
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KHS represented at All-State Music Festival
Last week, eight band and choir students from Kodiak High School went to the All-State Music Festival in Anchorage to perform with the top high school musicians from across the state. The All-State Music Festival takes the top musical performers from Alaska's high schools and combines them into one giant choir, band and orchestra. "We sing with people we've never sang with before and work with a director we've nev...
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Stage and Screen: Hero or villain? — Your Choice!
A catastrophic mechanical failure causes a commercial airliner to dive uncontrollably toward the ground from 18,000 feet. All efforts to regain control of the plummeting aircraft go for naught. Control surfaces do not respond to hydraulic or manual commands. The ground is closing in on the airplane and nothing can be done to raise the nose of the plane to achieve more lift from the failing engines. ‘Whip’ Whitaker...
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Kodiak High School's art students to appear on iTunes
The work of Kodiak High School’s art students will appear on iTunes later this month as part of an innovative new project. At this month’s Alaska School Board conference in Anchorage, students from four Alaska communities were invited to contribute chapters to a digital book entitled “We are Alaska.” To represent Kodiak as one of the four communities, students from the high school’s art class wrote a story, drafte...
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Kodiak College presents 'Silent Night, Lonely Night'
Kodiak College will host its first full-scale theater production in several decades this weekend. Director Jared Griffin said about 20 people are involved in the production "Silent Night, Lonely Night" by Robert Anderson. The show features a woman with an unfaithful husband and a distant son in prep school, and a man whose wife is in a sanitarium. Both of them come together in a New England inn on Christmas Eve 19...
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Stage and Screen: Affleck masterful in directing 'Argo'
Stage and Screen: “It’s the best bad plan we’ve got.” Jack O’Donnell to the Secretary of State describing the proposed fake film Argo. The Argo was a mythical ship that carried Jason on his quest to recover the Golden Fleece. In ancient times a fleece was a skin of an animal — in the case of the Golden Fleece. It was the gold-haired skin of a winged ram — the acquisition of which was the means by which Jason would...
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Alutiiq Museum releases new catalog
For the past decade, some of the biggest finds in Alutiiq history research haven’t come from archeologists; they’ve come from researchers trawling the depths of European archives. While European and American settlement eradicated much of Kodiak Island’s native culture, the past decade has seen researchers rediscovering rich troves of artifacts taken to Europe by 17th century and 18th century explorers. This month,...
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Stage and Screen: Arbitraging Isn’t Just for Money Anymore
“Arbitrage” (2012) is about infidelity and love. “Arbitrage” is about greed and generosity. “Arbitrage” is about dishonesty and honesty. “Arbitrage” is about disloyalty and loyalty. “Arbitrage” is about familial devotion and familial abandonment. “Arbitrage” is about racial prejudice and racial understanding. “Arbitrage” is a multifaceted story that deals only tangentially with financial arbitrage. For the sake of...
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