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Rostad on Religion: St. Mary's principal celebrates her Serendipity
Cathy Nuno, principal of St. Mary’s Catholic School, will discover how the community rallies behind one of its favorite institutions when she attends her first Serendipity auction at 5:30 p.m. Saturday night in the school gymnasium. Nuno and her husband, Frank Nuno, moved to Kodiak from Kentucky last summer after Cathy was hired to replace the retiring Joshua Lewis as St. Mary’s administrator. Nuno said the Kodiak...
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Another Day in Paradise: Sunshine makes it too easy to forget
It’s official! Last week we had a couple of nice days. That was Spring. This week we’ve had some more gorgeous days. This is Summer. For those of you keeping score, Winter can’t be far behind. If this was Facebook, I’d have put a smiley face at the end of that sentence. This is the kind of weather that Chaz Glagolich of C-Devil fame says is the lie that convinces us that we can handle one more winter. If you haven...
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Orthodox faithful become ‘eye witnesses’ of Resurrection
The resurrection of Jesus Christ was announced almost 2,000 years ago, but when the Orthodox faithful proclaim “Christ is risen!” at Pascha (Easter) services this weekend, it will be as if it were happening for the first time. Orthodox believers are not merely remembering events, such as Christ’s death and resurrection, they are participants in them, said Father John Dunlop, dean of St. Herman’s Seminary. “When we...
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Kodiak religion: Baldwins find calling in Belize garage, ministry
By Kodiak standards, the house that Nat and Debbie Baldwin and their son Levi live in is primitive. At least the Native barabaras of old had walls. The Baldwins’ home doesn’t. The former Kodiak residents live in Belize, known as an international tourist attraction. But they live far away from the fancy resorts, posh hotels and tourist traps. Their open-air house — merely a platform with a floor — is accessible to ...
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Kodiak Assembly of God holds Wednesday youth fetes
Wednesday night rocks at the Kodiak Assembly of God Church. Children from toddlers to middle school age get fed, entertained and taught biblical principles in activities that fill the church with laughter, music and prayer. The Bible comes alive in puppet shows, skits and dramatizations. “It’s a beehive of activity,” said pastor Tracy Hodges. “They have a lot of fun.” There's something for just about every age: Ki...
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Kodiak religion: Parishioners fondly remember Joseph Kreta
With the passing of longtime Kodiak priest Protopresbyter Joseph Kreta, a page of Alaska history has been turned, said Oleg Kobtzeff, former professor of the seminary the priest founded. Hazel Ardinger, a close family friend and Kreta’s former parishioner, referred to his tenure as the Golden Age of Orthodoxy in Alaska. Kreta brought seminary professors to Kodiak who made theology accessible and understandable to ...
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Kodiak religion:
Shelikov and Baranov came to Alaska to conquer. Daria Safronova, Church Slavonic language and Russian church history instructor and archivist at St. Herman’s Seminary, is not here to colonize, but to be colonized by the Native people of Alaska. Most of her neighbors on campus are Native Alaskans, mainly of Yup’ik Eskimo, Aleut and Tlingit origin, whose cultures she is trying to understand. She is also trying to le...
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Kodiak religion: Berean Baptist minister trains leaders in Ghana
Berean Baptist Church pastor Mark Kernan is inspired to see his own congregation grow in its love and knowledge of the Bible, but he’s also encouraged to see spiritual growth in Christian churches in Ghana, Africa, where he taught classes on theology and servant leadership last winter. Kernan was invited to Ghana by missionaries Dave and Doris Totman. whom Berean has supported since 1974. Doris Totman’s brother wa...
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Kodiak starring celebrates light of faith in dark world
Because most Orthodox faithful in Alaska use the Julian calendar in observing church holidays, they celebrate Christmas on what is Jan. 7 of the widely used Gregorian calendar. It’s an opportunity for the community to celebrate the birth of Jesus without the secular trappings of Santa Claus, elves, reindeer and mounds of extravagant gifts. The Feast of Nativity — also known as “Russian Christmas” on the island — o...
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Islanders discover blessing of giving
By MIKE ROSTAD Special to the Mirror This Christmas, many Kodiak Islanders have taken on charitable projects to bring the season’s brightness and joy to the less fortunate, rediscovering that, indeed, “It is more blessed to give than receive.” Some are sending, or in some cases, bringing their gifts overseas. The Uganda Stocking Project Debbie Rohrer brought Christmas stockings stuffed with toys, clothes, candy, B...
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