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Camp Woody: Where the bugs are part of the beauty
There’s a reason why summer Bible camps, such as Camp Woody, are situated in pristine spots. The fresh, unpolluted air, sparkling lakes, majestic mountains and resplendent flowery meadows point campers to the omnipotent creator. But along with the tranquility and beauty come annoying bugs, prickly plants and days of rain that make irritable children want to go home where it’s warm and dry. Bugs are part of God’s c...
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Another Day in Paradise: All of God's creatures
Last week we finished our trip in Kodiak and said goodbye to our son and daughter-in-law as they returned to Atlanta. We had picked them up the previous week in Anchorage and spent the week on the mainland. Then we returned to our home on the Tustumena. As we showed them around and saw many of the sights on the mainland for the first time ourselves, I was fascinated again by the diversity and the beauty of this la...
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Kodiak Island Outreach unites groups with ‘burger bash’
KODIAK — Gone are the days when Christians stayed rigidly within the confines of their own denominations for church services, Bible studies and social events. Today they often cross denominational lines for fellowship, evangelism and mission projects. Frontier Baptist Church, through a ministry known as Kodiak Island Outreach, has reached out to the communities of different faiths or no faith at all to share the l...
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Still dreaming
From the time that I was young, I have always been a dreamer. Growing up in remote rural Western Washington, many of those dreams were about days long ago. I grew up in a family of avid readers. My favorites were the pocket westerns. They are all the same, but I loved them anyway. Bad guys bully good people, the hero comes to the rescue, and everything turns out well in the end as the hero rides off into the sunse...
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St. James interim priest likes to share hope
The Rev. Susan Hewitt would have been happy to stay in Hong Kong with her husband, but when she found out that St. James the Fisherman Episcopal parish in Kodiak was looking for an interim pastor, she rose to the occasion. Her husband, Bob Hewitt, who teaches photography and art at the Hong Kong International School, encouraged her to take the temporary position, which will last for a year. Coming to Kodiak “seeme...
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We can’t remember
There are six holidays each year that strike chords deep within me. Three of them are religious holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Christmas is the beginning of hope. My savior was born into this world to save whosoever. I am but one of the whosoevers. Easter is the fulfillment of hope. My savior conquered death once for all. Thanksgiving was a time of thankfulness. The pilgrims gathered together with ...
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Hailey Jackson faces daunting mission with faith
When Hailey Jackson listened to a podcast about human trafficking she was stirred to action. “It really woke me up,” said Jackson, an employee at the Kodiak Baptist Mission. “I allowed God to break my heart and show me what he sees and feels for (the victims). I started praying about it, asking God to use me.” Jackson acted on her compassion by deciding to work with women and children who are being sold into the s...
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The power of influence
When our oldest son was still just a toddler, Mattel created the “Masters of the Universe” story to sell products. The television cartoon was driven to sell a product. Our children were no different from any of the other children of their generation. They ran through the house and the yard with their swords held high and the cry echoing through the cash registers of every outlet that sold toys. “I have the power!”...
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Heroes among us
One of my favorite chapters of Scripture is the eleventh chapter of Hebrews. It is commonly referred to as the “Hall of Faith” or the “Heroes of Faith” chapter. It speaks of those who performed great acts of faith. We can research some of these same heroes in the entirety of Scripture and realize that they sometimes stumbled as badly as we do. There is hope for people like me who strive every day to serve a living...
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Uganda trip was a wake-up call for Sue Rohrer
“We need to live more simply so that others can simply live.” Sue Rohrer read those words from a book she had picked up while visiting her daughter, Debbie Rohrer, at Shepherd’s Fold orphanage in Jinja, Uganda. At the time Debbie was ending a three month visit at the orphanage. Rohrer can’t remember the book’s author or title, but those lines stuck with her. The simple, unadorned surroundings at the orphanage seem...
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