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Another Day in Paradise: One man's heaven is another's hell
It’s beginning to arrive. The morning puddles are covered with a thin layer of ice. The edges of the lake are expanding and contracting with the ice from moment to moment. The ducks and seagulls are walking on the lake looking for a brief respite from the cold water, only to search for the next opening to swim and feed again. We have to plan ahead to give ourselves time to defrost windows. Soon the snow will come ...
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Native New Life Crusade and life’s ultimate purpose
“What is My Purpose in Life?” is the theme of the 18th annual Native New Life Crusade, scheduled for Thursday through Sunday evenings, Nov. 3-6, at the Community Baptist Church. Services begin at 7 o’clock. A 10 a.m. Saturday men and women’s breakfast and a 5 p.m. Sunday potluck will take place in the church basement. Alan and Linda Ross, local Native New Life leaders, said the theme sends a hopeful message to tho...
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Another Day in Paradise: Faith makes worry unnecessary
When I was in the Marine Corps all those many years ago, my greatest fear when we changed duty stations was, “Can I find a barber who will cut my hair the way I want it?” It seems pretty silly, and in light of eternity, it didn’t matter, but I worried nevertheless. These days, the question leans more toward, “Is there any more hair left to cut?” That worry is rapidly disappearing, too. While the issues change, we ...
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Kodiak Harbor Convention Center hosts prophesy seminar this weekend
KODIAK — Daniel Lesch, lay pastor of the Kodiak Seventh Day Adventist Church, believes time is short. Christ is coming as he promised and it’s time for people to study their Bible, the book that describes the events preceding his appearance. The end times will be the subject of the Bible Prophecy Seminar, which is sponsored by the church and begins 7 p.m. today in the Kodiak Harbor Convention Center. The seminar g...
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Filipino church is congregation within a church
When Amy Miller struck up a conversation with Filipino employees at a local business in their Tagalog language, it was somewhat of an anomaly. Her new-found friends wondered why she could speak their language so fluently. Miller moved to Kodiak after serving as a missionary in the Philippines for 23 years. During that time, she learned the language, and now that she is in Kodiak she has every intention of using it...
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Book inspired seminary student to pursue ordination
Newly ordained priest Michael Nicolai has been inspired by family members, Elders, teachers and priests, but when asked to identify a powerful force that influenced him to pursue the Orthodox priesthood, he referred to a book whose title doesn’t sound particularly spiritual or theological. The book, “I Dare You,” was recommended to him by the late Bishop Innocent Gula more than 10 years ago, when Nicolai first att...
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Hodges form dynamic Assembly team
When the Kodiak Assembly of God called the Rev. Tracy Hodges to be its spiritual leader, the church actually got two pastors. Hodges’ wife, Pamela Hodges, has stood by her husband in the home and pulpit, serving as children’s pastor at the Muldoon and Sitka Assembly of God churches and directing women’s ministries. Pamela also was the children’s ministry director for the Alaska Assemblies of God. She’s an ordained...
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Kodiak Jehovah's Witnesses head to Anchorage for convention
Jehovah’s Witnesses from across the far north will begin gathering in Anchorage today for their annual convention. For the past several weeks, congregations across Alaska, including the one in Kodiak, have been inviting people to the free convention at Sullivan Arena. Spokesman Benjamin Schiller said the Kodiak congregation has about 40-50 people, “and they usually all come. It’s always fun to see friends like the...
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New Salvation Army leaders named for Alaska
George and Jeanne Baker have been named the new chiefs of the Salvation Army in Alaska. The Majors Baker have been transferred to Alaska from the Army’s Intermountain Division, headquartered in Denver. Before serving in Denver for five years, they lived in southern California and served as pastors in Hawaii, Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming. Both are veterans of the U.S. Navy. The Salvation Army operates ministries i...
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Camp Woody: Where the bugs are part of the beauty
There’s a reason why summer Bible camps, such as Camp Woody, are situated in pristine spots. The fresh, unpolluted air, sparkling lakes, majestic mountains and resplendent flowery meadows point campers to the omnipotent creator. But along with the tranquility and beauty come annoying bugs, prickly plants and days of rain that make irritable children want to go home where it’s warm and dry. Bugs are part of God’s c...
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