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New Kodiak school district vo-tech manager prepares for expanded facility
KODIAK — As construction begins on the new Kodiak High School this fall, at least one member of its staff will be making sure that its people, programs and students are prepared for the new facility. Barry Altenhof, who started working with the Kodiak Island Borough School District in 1990, has this year been named the coordinator of vocational-technical training for the island’s schools. He comes to the role afte...
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Sen. Lisa Murkowski adds man with Kodiak connection to her Washington, D.C. staff
KODIAK — Sen. Lisa Murkowski has added a man with a Kodiak connection to her Washington, D.C., staff. Coast Guard Lt. Warren Wright, a former member of Air Station Kodiak, has been selected as the senator’s Coast Guard fellow, a member of the military assigned to cover issues related to his branch. “The Coast Guard fellow program is a partnership between the service that the senator makes ample use of in terms of ...
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Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge biologists stay busy with summer projects
KODIAK — McCrea Cobb, the new biologist with the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, has really had to hoof it this summer. We’re not just talking about three-month field excursions, either. Cobb is the refuge’s only biologist dedicated to ungulates, or “anything with a hoof, basically,” he said. Cobb is one of a handful of dedicated researchers who have been busy this summer documenting everything from Kodiak Island...
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Proposed Kodiak term limit law follows same path as troubled Kenai Peninsula regulation
KODIAK — Kodiak voters in this year’s municipal election will be asked if they want to limit the number of years elected officials can serve in the borough. While the question is relatively straightforward, its implications might not be, and at least one Alaska borough has already found it could result in costly legal battles. In October 2007, Kenai Peninsula Borough voters approved a measure limiting borough asse...
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Coast Guard rescues three from fishing boat aground in remote Kodiak bay (VIDEO)
KODIAK — In a “textbook” rescue, a helicopter from Air Station Kodiak rescued three fishermen whose boat ran aground early Tuesday morning in Aniakchak Bay, 196 miles southwest of Kodiak. “This was a pretty textbook case for us,” said Petty Officer 1st Class Sara Francis, a Coast Guard spokeswoman. The Coast Guard received the first notice that something was wrong at 3:23 a.m. when they detected the signal from an...
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Car crashes into Kodiak home, then speeds away
KODIAK — Myrna Rubina was shaken awake about 1 a.m. Sunday morning by a bump in the night. “I heard a noise,” she said Tuesday. “After that, my son said, ‘Did you hear that? … Go outside and look for it, mom, I’m scared.’” When she didn’t see anything after a quick glance, she went back to sleep. The next morning revealed what had happened — a car had rammed the family’s Carolyn Street home and driven away. Becaus...
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Road's End restaurant finds new beginning
KODIAK — The Road’s End restaurant in Chiniak has already seen one end. Now it’s trying for a beginning. Four years after the restaurant closed, Janice and Norm Botz, with the help of former manager Forrest Hosier, have resurrected it. “The Road’s End was really quite a destination for years in Kodiak,” Hosier said. “It opened up originally in 1974 to Ernie and Dottie Hopper. They literally dragged an old Airstrea...
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Missing expectations, Kodiak's pink salmon fishery sends ripples across the island
KODIAK — It’s been a rough season. Pink salmon, Kodiak’s most abundant commercial fish, were fewer in number and more varied in location than preseason forecasts expected, sending ripples throughout the island’s economy. With the pink season all but over, processors, workers, business owners and the rest of the island’s residents are left shaking their heads at what seemed like a promising year. Before the first p...
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Missed pink salmon estimate was due to multiple factors, biologists say
KODIAK — As Kodiak grapples with the effects of an unusual pink salmon season, a lingering question remains: Why were preseason estimates so far off? Forecasting is never an exact science, but state biologists have some theories as to why an excellent forecast turned into an average year. In February, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game estimated Kodiak commercial fishermen would see 29.3 million pinks. Through...
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Alaska State Troopers, Kodiak police look out for stolen truck
KODIAK — Alaska State Troopers and the Kodiak Police Department are on the lookout for a car stolen from the Monashka Bay area sometime after midnight Friday morning. The vehicle has not yet been recovered, an unusual circumstance in Kodiak, where most car thefts are simple joyrides or people trying to find a ride to work, trooper Sgt. Chris Hill said. “This being an island, a lot of times stolen vehicles are just...
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