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Kodiak Island is full of hospitable people
To the Editor: My hunting partner and I recently drew tags for and hunted a mountain goat in the area between Center Mountain and Crown Mountain. We just wanted to express our utmost appreciation and gratitude to the people of Kodiak for making the experience such a wonderful one. We have both travelled far and wide in our 26 years of life, but Kodiak is one of the most beautiful, rugged islands we have ever seen,...
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Public Safety Blotter: Oct. 3
Friday, Sept. 27 • At 6:42 a.m., a caller reported a man was banging his head on a window of a vacant building on Mill Bay Road. He was just waiting out of the rain for a friend to pick him up. • At 9:09 a.m., a man left a property on Mill Bay Road when an officer asked him to. • At 11:54 a.m., a caller reported a man tried selling her a watch that she knew belonged to someone else. The man returned it to the righ...
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KEA plans new electric system to support electric crane
For the future of renewable energy, Kodiak Electric Association is looking to the wheel. Last month, the KEA board of directors and the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly threw their support behind a $1.9 million grant request. The money, which may come from the Alaska Renewable Energy Fund, would be used to build a flywheel energy storage system. The system is needed if the city of Kodiak presses ahead with plans for...
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From Soup to Nuts: Convenience foods…what is the real cost?
I am not big on convenience foods or box mixes. They are laden with added salt, fat, sugar, food coloring, preservatives and a whole host of things I have never added to my own food (and wouldn’t have the foggiest idea where to purchase). While it takes longer to produce a homemade meal similar to boxed food mixes, I have found that the foods I make at home are just better on a variety of levels. They are often le...
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Business offers CPR, first-aid training
Kathrynn Hollis-Buchanan almost drowned three years ago. She survived thanks to her first aid knowledge and the quick reaction of her golden retriever, which pulled her to shallow waters. “Three Septembers ago, my dog and I were out fishing and I fell in a hole in the river. … I wasn’t prepared and I never dreamed that our river had any places that were 12 feet deep,” she said. “I was hypothermic and losing consci...
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AMHS Committed to Southcentral and Western Alaska
This summer has been a challenge for many Alaskans who rely on a particular link in the Alaska Marine Highway System. The M/V Tustumena has been out of service all summer, causing serious disruptions for residents and small businesses of Kodiak Island and the Aleutian Chain. The Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) is committed to returning the Tustumena to service as quickly and safely as p...
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Alumni update: Lindquist debutes at Northern Arizona
On the same day little sister Tahna won the SoHi Pentathlon, Jori Lindquist debuted for the Northern Arizona University swim team in an intrasquad pentathlon meet on Friday. She placed eighth in the 100-meter backstroke (1 minute, 10.20 seconds), ninth in the 100 freestyle (1:04.91), 11th in the 200 individual medley (2:33.3 seconds) and the 100 breaststroke (1:21.66) and 18th in the 100 butterfly (1:13.61). Lindq...
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Govt. shutdown defines 'essential'
When the sun rises this morning, Kodiak’s federal government workers will still go to work. For some of them, it will be a short workday. With no Congressional action before midnight this morning, the federal government has shut down for the first time since 1995, when a budget impasse shut down operations for 21 days. Without a deal, federal government workers will wake up today and walk into work. Those deemed n...
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Kodiak remains unranked after lopsided wins
Two lopsided victories weren’t enough to put Kodiak back in the Alaska Sports Broadcasting Network football rankings. The Bears galloped past Houston 37-7 Saturday and have outscored their last two opponents by 97-22 combined to secure a second straight trip to the medium-schools playoffs. The recent outburst comes after being shut out against top-ranked Soldotna in Week 5. The turnaround has been triggered by the...
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The way governments spend money is offensive
To the Editor: Last week I read the Alaska Bulletin where Senator Murkowski was overwhelmed by contacts from people like you and I about asking her to vote so as to end this trillion-dollar disaster last Friday. After Murkowski said it was a bad law, she along with other republicans overwhelmingly voted so as to save O’vommit care. Some I spoke with last week called both senators and Senator Begich office actually...
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