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Local author writes second children’s book
Local author Stacy Studebaker’s latest children’s book was inspired by a real life experience she and her husband had at a state park. “Octopus in the Outhouse,” which Studebaker wrote and set-netter Kay Underwood illustrated, features the main character traveling around Alaska and running into various animals when she seeks to use outhouses. Studebaker and her husband were kayaking in Wood-Tikchik State Park year...
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Coffee industry growing
With roughly eight businesses on Kodiak Island available to get a cup of joe any given day, one would think that might be too many for an island of 13,000 people. But, the Alaska Department of Labor is saying state coffee shops are one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy hiring 1,900 new employees last year with more expected the coming year. Anchorage is now second nationally for the number of coffee ou...
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Easement passed, one delayed supporting conservation negotiations
The Kodiak Island Borough assembly passed an ordinance in support of negations over a conservation easement on Long Island and postponed a resolution in support of negotiations for an easement on Termination Point. The prospective easements are on land owned by Leisnoi Incorporated. At a previous work session, the assembly heard from the Great Land Trust that the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council could purcha...
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College gets new trainer for boat classes
Kodiak College has a new training tool that squishes all of a boat’s operational systems into a four feet by seven feet cart to teach repair and maintenance classes. Most of the systems are miniaturized with a small engine, a tiny prop and a five-gallon bucket of water to represent the ocean in a sea water-cooling system. “You can see all the vessel systems at once and you can also see how they integrate with each...
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Officials to talk drug problems at Monday forum
A host of local officials and representatives will be speaking Monday night about drugs for a discussion and question and answer period focusing on education and solutions to the problem. Trevor Brown, the executive director of the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce, which is hosting the meeting, said he hopes it’s a step forward in working on the problem. “We understand that the issue will not be resolved in a two-hour m...
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City still keeping eye on water level
DAILY MIRROR STAFF Kodiak water consumption has slowed over the past week, but the city is still maintaining a vigil over Monashka Reservoir, said Mark Kozak, public works director. “The precipitation we’ve gotten has helped,” he said. “But the rate it is dropping is due to the processors not running at full capacity.” Water use has dropped this week to 2 to 3 million gallons a day because of less demand by proces...
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Assembly candidates debate the issues
Candidates for Kodiak Island Borough assembly gave their priorities, and questioned each other at a forum Tuesday night. Five candidates of the six for assembly showed up. Sara Sundsten was the lone person who did not attend. Kyle Crow said he wants to make the public feel confident in their government. He wants to simplify laws and eliminate unnecessary ones and reduce spending. Chris Lynch mentioned ensuring qua...
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Week in Words: Getting at root’s roots
With local elections coming up, and the political rhetoric around the presidential campaigns ubiquitous on our airwaves, I hear much discourse on what it means to be an American, an Alaskan, and even a Kodiakan. I hear people talking about our roots. I figure, what better word — “root” — to take pause and dissect, this being a column about roots, after all. “Root” is the modern spelling of the late Old English “ro...
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City candidates address Near Island, consolidation, tax base
The candidates for Kodiak City Council and city mayor are running unopposed in the Oct. 6 election. The Kodiak Daily Mirror submitted questions to all the candidates and received the following responses. See Friday’s Mirror from candidates in the contested borough assembly race.   City council candidate: Laura Arboleda  What in your background or experience uniquely qualifies you to serve on the council/as mayor? ...
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ANTHC, Providence ask for hospital lease consideration
In the past month, representatives from the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium and Providence Health and Services have spoken to the Kodiak Island Borough assembly hoping for further discussions about running the borough-owned hospital as the current lease with Providence approaches its expiration date. Roald Helgesen, the chief executive officer of ANTHC, spoke of local Alaska governance and control. “They co...
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