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Blame Mondays, Obama or Bush, or …
You know the “Mutts” cartoon? The one with the dogs and cats with many different personalities and a few humans who are not at all central to the plots? I recently stumbled across one featuring the grumpy cat, Sourpuss, described by the artist as “the cat who hates Mondays and stays under the couch,” and Earl, “the mutt with a big heart who cheerfully tugs on the leash in the walk of life.” In it, Earl asks Sourpu...
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Empty cup, eerie cockpit on dark morning
Reporting to you live from Anchorage — okay, I know it’s not really live, but I was alive when I wrote this — I am at the Snow City Cafe in Anchorage, where I finally got breakfast after being up more than four hours. Yes, friends, you read that right. I reported in at 0600 (that’s “0 dark-thirty” to you non-military) to the passenger terminal at Hangar 1 of Air Station Kodiak and arrived on time. To say I am not ...
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Cheap rooms in Heaven await rude people
If ever I need to be reminded that I have spent too much time doing church stuff, I need only ask a coffee shop barista or one of my nephews, "What are people talking about these days?" Or, "What should I write about in my column?" This Wednesday, I asked this of Matty, one of my favorite baristas at Harborside Coffee and Goods, and he said, "How about the power of politeness?" Whoa. Not as theologically relevant ...
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Have a merry coming to this Advent
Today is one of those Kodiak winter days where the fog and clouds are so thick that you wonder if the sun really rose that day (and you suspect that it didn't), and the rest of the world and its problems seem so far away, as though Kodiak were in some kind of bubble that has drifted off from Earth. Being the day before Thanksgiving, on the other side of Thanksgiving from Black Friday, the streets are only normally...
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If you try sometimes you get Thanksgiving
Have you found that your default mood these days is dissatisfaction? Do you find yourself wishing you had someone else’s life? And do you realize that you break the commandment all the time: “Thou shalt not envy”? If you answered any of these yes, don’t feel bad. You’re getting a lot of support, even encouragement, to feel this way. Our culture, or at least our economy which needs us to keep spending, needs even m...
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Fear, anger at root of fundamentalist violence
America has an anger management problem. And the most recent shootings are only one symptom of the problem. The main problem is that we can’t even talk about the problem. And anyone who ever took Psych 101 (or has studied human nature) knows that not talking about a problem only makes it worse. Not talking about something serious just lets the problem stew, until one day, someone blows his or her top, and then you...
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Does changeless God fit with changing world?
"Let nothing disturb you; let nothing frighten you. All things are passing; God never changes. Patient endurance attains all things. Alone God suffices." This wonderful prayer of St. Teresa of Avila has always been especially comforting to me -- the idea that everything passes (yes, even the good things, but especially the painful events of life), that God is ENOUGH for me, right here, right now. But the idea that...
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Drugs, alcohol, shopping fill God-shaped hole
A lot of good things have been said about the drug forum last week. As a former addictions counselor, as well as a recovering alcoholic, I had a lot of interest in the forum, with all of its implications for stopping the harmful effects of drugs on our community. Unfortunately, it looked like I was coming down with Round 4 of the Kodiak Krud, so I stayed away as a courtesy to all who attended. (It turned out to be...
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Laughter is shortest distance between people
I went for an MRI at Providence Hospital early Tuesday morning and was very impressed with Dan, who did the CT scan, and the radiologist whose name I am currently spacing out who injected the contrast dye into my shoulder joint with a very long needle. Both were very upbeat, explained everything very thoroughly, and were thoroughly professional. So when I was escorted to the MRI trailer and met Patrick, the digita...
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Help needed to thoroughly wash away sins
As I sat in the line at the Petro Express car wash waiting to wash the Katmai ash off my car Wednesday, I wondered what spiritual lesson I might be learning. Wouldn’t it be nice to just drive through and have our troubles washed off, safely inside my private bubble, without commitment, without really engaging with others? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some automated machine that could just rid us of our sins? I...
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