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Learn and live the Girl Scout motto
It was a sunny Saturday morning and the girl scouts climbed out of their family cars ready for an adventure. They each had their own backpack which held a water bottle, sack lunch and jacket-all the makings needed for a good Kodiak adventure. Our troop was finishing up hikes working towards the Girl Scout Kodiak Hiker badge. On this September fall day, the troop was heading up Kasheverof mountain. One scout carrie...
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Week in Words: Disporting by the port
It’s autumn now, and with the changing of the leaves and the sinister glare of termination dust creeping down the mountain peaks, comes the fanfare and delight of sports. We watch Serena Williams attempt a grand slam, the pennant races in Major League Baseball and, of course, the new NFL season. Locally, we’ve seen some great sports stories come through the news: high school football wins, cross country and volley...
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Low water keeps silvers from heading upstream
Silver salmon trying to get upstream to spawn are running into problems with low water in rivers, but the local Alaska Department of Fish and Game office thinks Kodiak will see rain before they need to spawn. Little rain means both water and oxygen levels in rivers are low, said Tyler Polum, the assistant area manager in the sport fish division for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. “Typically by this point, ...
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KPD issues statement on Sept. 16 incident
DAILY MIRROR STAFF On Wednesday, Sept. 16, an incident occured during a police response on Steller Way in Kodiak that has generated concern among community members. According to a statement from the Kodiak Police Department issued Monday, in answer to a 911 call on Sept. 16 at about 5 p.m., KPD officers went to Steller Way where they encountered an unnamed man who had apparently caused the 911 caller to suspect at...
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Answers sought after violent encounter with police
Neighbors on the narrow, little-traveled street off Rezanof Drive know Nick Pletnikoff well, and are used to seeing him make a daily visit to the mailboxes. On Wednesday of last week he stepped out of his house at about 5 p.m. as usual, but was away long enough to make his mother, Judy Pletnikoff, check on him. “He was just gone a couple minutes,” she said. “It never takes him that long to check the mail.” She cam...
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Kids learn about oil spills during disaster event
A Kodiakans learned about transporting oil and response to an oil spill during the first Master of Disaster event by the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens Advisory Council on Saturday. PWSRCAC rotates holding their fall meetings in the regions communities. Kodiak was the first time the Master of Disaster event has been held, but outreach coordinator Lisa Matlock said the council plans to hold them again in th...
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College doing well despite budget cuts
When more than $26 million was cut from the University of Alaska budget by the Alaska legislature last spring, Kodiak College’s reduction was $141,900. But the college was able to reduce their budget without affecting class offerings or cutting personnel, said director Alan Fugleberg. In fact, the college is doing great, he said, with increased offerings in maritime trades classes expected, and enrollment ahead of...
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Business break-ins increase
Break-ins to businesses around Kodiak have increased in recent weeks with stolen items ranging from cash to paper towels to sweatshirts. “There have been an increase in the burglaries,” said Lt. DJ Clumpner with the Kodiak Police Department. “They seem to be centered around commercial buildings.” He said it’s been about three weeks of the increased activity, but did not have a number for how many businesses have b...
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Assembly approves Bayside chief hiring
The Kodiak Island Borough assembly approved the hiring of a Bayside Fire Station fire chief and approved changes to the mobile home park code. The assembly approved the hiring of the new chief, who will be visiting Kodiak soon to see if he wants to take the position, at a Step H or $91,075 base salary on the borough’s pay scale. The assembly is required to approve anything above a Step C. The Bayside Fire Departme...
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Kodiak gets small wave from Chile earthquake
The 8.3 Chile earthquake Wednesday caused a tsunami that moved across the ocean and rolled onto Kodiak beaches early Thursday afternoon in a tiny tidal wave. A 6.7-inch wave from the earthquake splashed Kodiak beaches at 10:47 a.m. Alaska time, according to the National Tsunami Warning Center. A tidal gauge near the airport records the water level in Kodiak and showed the bump of the wave. “The Kodiak tide gauge l...
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