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Guest opinion: Final meeting in current building
To the editor: Kodiak Public Library Association will hold its annual meeting this Saturday. As has been the case for each of the last five years, this event gives us a moment to pause and reflect on what we’ve achieved, and to share that information with our members and supporters. Amazingly, this will be the last year we hold our annual meeting in the current library building. As your readers know, the new libra...
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Guest opinion: Letting Cruise Industry Waste Dumping Damage The Greatest Fisheries In The World?
Care much about the decline of Alaska’s king salmon and halibut? I do. You do, and protecting Alaska’s fish and clean water is why you voted in 2006 for strict water quality standards to prevent cruise ship companies from dumping poorly treated, damaging copper and human waste — 20,000 gallons at a time — into our fishing waters. Unfortunately, in my view and many of yours, the Governor and GOP-led House passed a ...
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Don't trust Obama's gun control plans
To the Editor: Obama is not to be trusted over gun control. He has already showed his colors. Why — and I repeat — why did he not do what he is doing now in his first term? If he would have, he would not be around today. He knew that. His “army” is all lined up. Mayor Bloomberg or Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who used to work for Obama, Senator Feinstein, Joe Biden Vice President, and all people he can brainwash including ...
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Keep the Akhiok runway names the same
To the Editor: Monday’s KDM carried two stories regarding an Akhiok community proposal to rename the state-owned runways (plural) at Akhiok the Jim Andie and Robin Starrett Runway (singular). A proposal to this effect is also Senate Bill SB 31. Were such a change to the runway identifiers to occur, it is my opinion that doing so could cause confusion and thereby degrade the measure of safety that is built-in throu...
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Nominate someone for First Lady's Volunteer of the Year Awards
To the Editor: Wherever I travel in Alaska, I meet volunteers with big hearts and helping hands. I know you see their positive impact in your community. Please take time to nominate an outstanding volunteer for the First Lady’s Volunteer of the Year Awards. Nominations are due by March 1. Details and a link to the nomination form are available at gov.alaska.gov. Thanks to all our volunteers for making a difference...
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Letter about privatized catch shares contains crucial information
To the Editor: The city and borough letter about privatized catch shares for Gulf groundfish will reach the North Pacific Fishery Management Council next week in Portland, Ore. Buried within it are the crucial issues of labor investments, ongoing compensation for captains and crew, and whether these historical, active participants could be gifted individual quota rights, and their liberty to use such rights apart ...
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Path is not a priority
To the Editor: The idea of a multi-use path is nice but not a nice idea now. It's neither a priority nor a necessity. If Juneau can tighten its financial belt why can't the city of Kodiak? This requested project by some folks is a luxury that neither the city nor the taxpayers can afford. The 10-foot wide, 1.3-mile path would commence at Pier 2 on Shelikof Street and terminate at Deadman's Curve. The city needs to...
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Guest Opinion: Preparing for an Arctic Future
Alaskans lead the nation in many things — resilience, toughness and creativity — and we are leaps and bounds ahead of rest of the United States when it comes to knowing a cold truth: we are an Arctic nation, and we need to start mapping out an Arctic-oriented agenda, especially from a maritime perspective. This agenda will require the leadership of our nation’s maritime guardians, the United States Coast Guard. I ...
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Clarify bike path information
To the Editor: Paragraph two on page three of your article regarding the bike path is confusing. You write that path proponents spoke in droves during the meeting. Are you referring to the City Council members themselves or the citizens that spoke during public comments? While I was in attendance at the work session I heard four citizens speak against this path and two speak in support of the path, during public c...
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Where is the money?
To the Editor: Vehicle registration rates were raised by a resolution/ordinance specifically for that money to be for junk car removal. The budget was cut from over $100,000 yearly to $25,000. Where’s that money going? Animal control was cut altogether for the budget. Where’s that money going? The borough always says there isn’t money to take care of what should be, yet upper management wants their resolutions/ord...
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