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Job training key to stopping poverty
To the Editor: According to Mark Riddix, author of “4 Ways to Solve the Poverty Problem in the United States”, the United States has the highest poverty rate of any developed country at 15.1 percent. This increasing poverty rate needs to stop. One of Riddix’s ideas is to increase job training programs that qualify and match individuals who rely on the government with industries in need of skilled employees. Job tr...
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Grateful to live in Kodiak
To the Editor: This time of year when so many people are busy buzzing around town, making it possible for us to feel the warm holiday spirit in this great community, I’m reminded of how special living here truly is. In recent years I’ve seen the community change with more inclusive and energetic attitudes towards the next generation of community members and it makes me proud to be a Kodiakan. In addition to friend...
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Composting good, site bad
To the Editor: I'm not against composting sewage sludge, I'm against the site that was chosen here in Middle Bay. For 30 years, we've lived here in Middle Bay where we've enjoyed the pristine beauty, the sunrises and sunsets, the calls of the abundant ducks that live here. We have a nice salmon stream that meanders through the property. I wake up early in the morning and smell the ocean from a northeast breeze or ...
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Deadline extended for compost public comments
To the Editor: “Hear ye, Hear ye!” We just got an extension on our public comments to Friday, Jan. 18, 2013. Disregard today's date of Dec. 3. Email your comments to lori.aldrich@alaska.gov. Let’s do our homework and research and uncover more facts, more truths. Let's drive it home that we don't want the city's sludge composted in pristine Middle Bay. There's another new twist in this maze. There's a push to get t...
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Media portrays Natives in negative light
To the Editor: Just a reality check. The press in this state continues to portray Native people in a negative light much of the time when in reality, Native people and Alaska Native corporations have generated billions in the last year alone. Just take our island for example. Countless projects are up and running: the Kodiak Fiber project, the microwave installation, the boat harbor and city dock in Old Harbor, al...
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Educational system should never act as parents
To the Editor: As parents, we send our children to school with the blind faith that adults will act in the best interest of students. We trust the school will notify us immediately if issues arise. Three years ago, I asked the school to not speak with my child about an issue. The principal said he has the right to question students about anything. After disagreements, he agreed to call and has before questioning m...
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Sewage composting should not come as a surprise
To the Editor: I’m a little confused by all the hub-bub over the plan to compost our sewage waste in Middle Bay. The city has had several open meetings on this subject over the last year where people have had lots of opportunities to complain. Now that the city is starting to finalize the deal people are starting to come out of the woodwork complaining that the city was trying to be sneaky. If that’s the case then...
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Composting sludge in Middle Bay is a giant step backwards
To the Editor: On Friday evening, Nov. 23, we attended a very informative meeting at St. Mary’s gym, concerning the hauling of solid waste (raw sewage/sludge) from the water treatment plant to a site at Middle Bay, approximately 23 miles from the city of Kodiak. It was stated at the meeting that the Borough Assembly/City Council began discussions in 2007 to find an alternative site to either store or dispose of th...
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Composting is nothing new
To the Editor: Washington D.C. is pushing us closer to the fiscal cliff, and here in Kodiak we are up against the fecal cliff of Dec. 15. Seems to me the good folks at the Kodiak Island Borough with their composting solution is an appropriate response to this vexing problem. People around the world have used "night soil" (raw sewage) on food crops for a millennium. Cities in the Lower 48 have used "municipal solid...
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Kodiak needs to speak out against sludge compost in Middle Bay
To the Editor: On Nov. 23 there was a public meeting at St. Mary's gym which addressed the city's backdoor handling of its sludge problem and where it will be stored after Dec. 15. On that date the landfill will no longer take the city's sludge. The dump is getting extended and a new liner installed. After that's completed, I believe they will take the sludge again. So, in the meantime they need to find a temporar...
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