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Guest Opinion: Vote 'yes' for General Obligation bond
Tuesday, Nov. 6 is a major election day, not only for national and state issues and candidates, but also for a critical transportation infrastructure General Obligation (GO) bond for the State of Alaska. The Alaska legislature voted to place this bond measure before the people of Alaska as a way to pay for much needed maintenance, replacements, and repairs on important pieces of infrastructure statewide. Projects ...
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Disappointed in KDM's use of photo of dead bear
To the Editor: Kodiak brown bears are part of the culture of this island. I was disappointed to see a picture of the bear killed in Tuesday's edition of the Kodiak Daily Mirror, hanging upside down from a forklift. It was done in very poor taste. A decent photo could have been used, or if one wasn't available, none would have been better. I do understand there are times when a bear may have to be killed in defense...
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Brown bears deserve more respect
To the Editor: I was very sorry to hear about the DLP (Defense of Life and Property) bear incident on Otmeloi Way last weekend but even more disappointed to see the photo you chose to accompany the article. Brown bears are the icon of our island and deserve more respect than that. Perhaps a more appropriate photo might have been one of a simple electric fence that people could buy and install around their poultry ...
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Follow your heart when voting
To the editor: Obama and Hillary Clinton have been negotiating three or four treaties with the United Nations. One was about global gun control, but our Senate would not ratify it; they are trying to pass it in another way. One was about the sea act giving foreign nations the royalties from our oil wells in the ocean. Don't know where the United Nations will be in charge of redistribution of our wealth. To all the...
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Educate children on gun safety
To the Editor: On Sunday, Oct. 21, my husband took my two young sons to Cliff Point to walk around and explore. Around 30 minutes after arriving, my 7-year-old son found a loaded handgun. Thank goodness, my husband has been diligent about gun safety and began teaching our children at a very young age to never touch a gun for any reason. I would like to remind the community that a gun is not something you lose … it...
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C.G. murder has become another Kodiak cold case
It's been six long agonizing months since the horrific events that took place on April 12. We still have no answers. The FBI is still mum. We know no more now than we did before. Has it come to a dead end or a fork in the road? It's become another cold case in Kodiak, which is very sad and pathetic. It appears that the FBI is clueless and has been outfoxed. I, for one, am frustrated, angry, and mad. I want peace a...
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Guest Opinion: Vote no on retaining Sen Tan as a judge on the Superior Court.
Judicial retention elections rarely attract much interest from the news media or from voters. But this year we have reason to pay attention — and take action. If you live in the 3rd Judicial District — which includes Anchorage, the Mat-Su Valley, the Kenai Peninsula, Kodiak, Prince William Sound and Bristol Bay Communities — you have an opportunity to vote NO on one of the state's most liberal judges: Superior Cou...
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We won't survive if Romney wins
Romney has promised to not make climate change a priority if he wins the White House. Our oceans have changed with the absorption of fossil fuel pollution. The very life of the ocean is threatened with organisms unable to make shells and skeletal systems. Plankton are responsible for most of our oxygen, but they are dying. We need real leadership to regulate polluters. What’s with Republican presidents putting our...
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Run the Rock a successful KMXT event
To the editor: The staff and volunteers at KMXT deserve an enormous round of applause. For the sixth year running (haha) the Run the Rock races were an uplifting display of volunteerism, coordination, community spirit and good healthy fun. As a participant, I felt like this year's race was a well-oiled machine. The sign-up volunteers were numerous and quick. The food at the pre-race was plentiful and dished out by...
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Obama is doomed to defeat
To the editor: While walking my dog the other day, a very capable, intelligent raven whispered to me let the people know, that there will be a landslide victory in favor of Romney and Ryan. They will get 320 electoral votes to sweep the election in November. Obama can start packing, and all the Marxist, socialist radicals can leave with him. The American people have had enough of the lies and coverups. We have Fas...
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