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Kodiak is the safest place I have ever lived
To the Editor: In response to the letter about the downtown mall, this is perhaps a good time to bring up the bit about Kodiak being an inclusive community. You may have seen that sign driving near Dead Man’s curve. I have wondered what that means and who put that sign there. While I don’t have the answer, please let me offer my interpretation. For me, living in an inclusive city is understanding that people have ...
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May is ALS awareness month
To the Editor: Why May? Google Kevin Packman of Miami, Fla., and discover his crusade for his father, Bruce. ALS stands for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, known as Lou Gehrig's disease in the U.S. In other parts of the world, it is known as motor neuron diseases (MND), of which ALS is the most common. If only the upper motor neurons (from the brain) are damaged, it is called primary lateral sclerosis (PLS). If onl...
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Support the American Legion Auxiliary's poppy program
To the Editor: With Memorial Day soon approaching, we would like to reflect some on not only those brave and wonderful men and women who have paid the “ultimate price” but to all our veterans! We want to tell you the story of the “Poppy” as it relates to the American Legion. Did you know that in the spring of 1919, amidst complete devastation, the poppies bloomed in abundance on the battlefields of France where so...
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Downtown mall has become an unwelcoming place
To the Editor: I, along with many other people, work on the mall. We have become increasingly distressed at the unsavory environment there, and the situation is only getting worse. The core problem is that some of our town’s more unfortunate citizens are allowed to loiter, be drunk in public, and pester workers and patrons of the local businesses with impunity. This spring we have seen an escalation to include sex...
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The good old days are gone
To the Editor: How’s this for honesty? We have morons for politicians, being greedy and lying to the people all the time. Propaganda, cold wars, hot wars and drugs are going to bring our country to its knees. The exhaustion and bankruptcy of our minds. The drug problem is going to add fuel to our disaster. Drugs are being poured out on the open market for our youth. We will find that the leadership of tomorrow is ...
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Ode to Carl Theil
Ode to Carl Theil As the fog moves in there is no land to get my bearings by… And lo I have missed the channel buoy what time was that what year… The sea sags and bellies beneath me now… While waves gargle phosprous deep within their dark wakes… I seem lost now as though between two oceans… What enslaving grog have I consumed from the sea… That has left me so perilously adrift with islands all about me… The names ...
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We do not need more buildings
To the Editor: This is in answer to the kids who think of wanting all fun things and buildings for them. Us adults are not rich. They need their parents to buy land and build them a recreation center, and they can pay the taxes on it too. Too many buildings are going up, and soon the bomb will fall and we can’t afford them and we will lose them. If they want all this stuff Juvy Small wrote to have in the paper, ei...
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Immigrants are job creators, not job takers
To the Editor: Since 1875, the law that prohibited foreign prostitutes and convicts from entering the United States has been broadened to include the illiterate. In more recent years, the laws have been reformed again and again to keep out immigrants and restrict them from working. Americans today tend to believe that immigrants ruin to our society by draining our public school systems, our health care, and our ec...
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Don't forget your life jacket when on the water
To the editor: Lots of Kodiakans are taking advantage of the improving weather by enjoying a stroll or lunch hour along the waterfront. It’s always a great show, with working mariners, wildlife and boat traffic. The wrong note comes from people riding in open skiffs without life jackets, sometimes even sitting on the gunwales. According to Coast Guard statistics, about 80 percent of drowning victims in the United ...
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Parents are at fault for childhood obesity
To the Editor: Childhood obesity has become a huge outbreak in our country in the past 30 years, and it’s beginning to look more like parents are playing a huge role in the cause. Parents today work more, cook meals at home less, and let their children snack more. For instance, 30 years ago, children only ate one snack a day. Children today are having three or more snacks a day. Therefore, children are eating an e...
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