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Diversity — A concept that’s on the money
In the shadows of the Chugach, the Anchorage neighborhood of Mountain View is a bustling community that boasts the most diverse census tract in the entire United States of America, according to recent research. Walking down the street or entering a restaurant, you encounter a wide range of Alaskans speaking dozens of different languages. It’s our own 907 ‘melting pot,’ and there are dozens of such areas around our...
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The Pursuit of Happiness — Without Government Interference
Not too long ago, I had the honor of nominating an Alaskan family as “Angels in Adoption,” a celebration of the selflessness shown by foster care families and those who adopt children. They arrived in Washington, DC, a military family who had opened their doors to not one child but four siblings to make sure that these sisters and brother had the simplest gift you can give a child: a home together. We had lunch to...
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Capitol Report: May 24
Hello from Kodiak. Returning home after session this year, my wife Rita and I were greeted with great spring weather, a few rain showers, but this is Alaska and it is needed and we continue to wait for warm weather and great fishing. So far it has been a busy interim; I have had the pleasure of visiting some of my new district. In April both Rita and I were warmly welcomed in the Bristol Bay Borough for the Naknek...
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Guest Opinion: Repeal and replace the giveaway
Alaska is on the cusp of another historic mistake with the signing governor’s oil wealth giveaway — a much bigger mistake than the Seward grain terminal or the Anchorage fish plant. In fact, Alaskans stand to lose more in a month than we lost for those two projects combined. The giveaway’s own backers call it a “gamble” and a “crapshoot,” and the Legislative Finance Division says it will put the state in the hole ...
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Capitol Report: April 8
Hello again from Juneau. With the legislatives session slated to adjourn this coming Sunday, the Capitol building is an active place. As you probably know, the governor’s bill to cut oil taxes, which I voted against, is now in the House finance committee after passing out of the House resources committee last week, and there is much speculation that the bill either will not make it to the floor for a vote by April...
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Alan Austerman Capitol Report
The last few weeks have been extremely busy in the Capitol. As I reported previously, the House transmitted its version of the operating budget to the Senate on March 14. The Senate finance committee adopted their version of the operating budget on March 26. That budget appropriates nearly $50 million more in General Funds than the House’s budget. The next steps in the operating budget process will take place earl...
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Important public comment opportunity about Pebble Mine
The potential for damage to fish habitat from the mining of sulfide mineral deposits like Pebble is a recognized fact. Addressing this risk to Bristol Bay's salmon habitat presents a large hurdle for permitting the Pebble mine. The Pebble Partnership has long stated that “development of Pebble should be based on the established, stringent regulatory process and sound science, not politics. Pebble's CEO John Shivel...
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Capitol Report
Hello again from Juneau. With less than three weeks remaining until the legislature’s scheduled adjournment on April 14, the capitol is a busy place, with oil taxes and the budget occupying a great deal of the discussion. As you probably know, the governor’s bill to reduce oil taxes, SB 21, passed the Senate on an 11-9 vote and is under discussion in the House. While I share the goal of increasing oil production, ...
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Capitol Report: March 18
This was an extremely hectic week on the fifth floor of the capital building. The House finance committee and budget subcommittees made many tough budget choices to live within our means. All House Finance budget subcommittees had finalized their Fiscal Year 2014 budget recommendations by close of business Friday, March 1. The House finance committee (HFIN) adopted a work draft of both the operating and mental hea...
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Defend Alaskans’ Right to Vote
Today, voting rights are under assault by political partisans whose agenda is threatened by a healthy democracy. Thirty-eight years after passage of the Voting Rights Act and 143 years after passage of the 15th Amendment, Mead Treadwell and Bob Lynn have joined Republican state legislators and gubernatorial administrations from around the country in an assault on voting rights. They are motivated by a belief that ...
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