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Housing a matter of compassion, not politics
There is a serious moral and ethical issue threatening the soul of Kodiak. Whoa. I can already tell I'm setting myself up for trouble with that lead-in. I'm not talking about the drug problem or the break-ins, or even global warming, although all of them are crises in their own right. I'm not even talking about church attendance being down and how people's souls are in danger if we don't get right with God. I'll l...
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Christians need to practice more humility
Sometimes I just get so tired. I know, it's not even winter, when the days will be shorter, and our world will be dark for 16 hours a day. I actually like the short winter days, with their implicit permission to stay indoors and read or get house stuff done. And yes, I admit it, play MahJongg on my iPad. No, the things that make me tired are more people-related things. After all, relationships are what is of highe...
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Practicing the 'E' word in word and deed
Did you know that National Back to Church Sunday is September 20? It started a few years ago, and I discovered it when I was looking for clip art for my church newsletter on Google Images. Not very good advertising, I thought. We try everything in the church but directly inviting a friend. Or Episcopalians do, anyway. The Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona told once told a group of clergy that 85% of peopl...
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Chiniak fire gets the rumor mill going
There is an old Chine Taoist fable — a story designed to have a moral — about an old farmer whose horse ran away one day. "What terrible luck you have," his neighbors all bemoaned. "Maybe so; maybe not," said the farmer, refusing to get all excited one way or the other, adding, "We'll see." A few days later the horse returned, with three mares following him. "What wonderful luck!" the same neighbors all told him. ...
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Room for everyone at cowboy church
This Sunday, Aug. 30, some Kodiak church folk will leave their stain-glassed buildings for a sanctuary in the great outdoors where their voices will harmonize with the birds and their prayers will go upward without obstruction of ceiling and rafters. The worship service, which will take place at the recreation center in Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park, is known as cowboy church. Some worshipers will dress f...
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Kodiak is full of volunteers
Want to meet some of the finest people you will ever meet? Look for a volunteer. Despite what many civic organizations like churches, Rotary, Lions, and Elks club are finding with their requirements of long-term commitment, finding volunteers isn’t hard to find. I went by the Humane Society the other day (maybe another dog will find its way into my heart!) and two pre-teen girls were keeping an eye on the cats whi...
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Until God is enough: Dealing with food
I ate a McDonald's Egg McMuffin in front of Lindsay today. Yes, THAT Lindsay. Gym trainer Lindsay, who probably eats puffed grass for breakfast with fat-free soymilk. Five percent body fat Lindsay. (I don't really know if these things are true, except the gym trainer part; all the rest of the stuff is just my inner fit person being projected onto Lindsay). Yes, I carried my McDonald's bag into a public place, and ...
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Barbara Hoedel to become a deacon, inspired by the late Beverly Horn
When Barbara Hoedel is ordained as a deacon at St. James the Fisherman Episcopal Church at 7 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 17, she will be honoring the late Beverly Horn, one of the founders of the church in Kodiak. The Right Reverend Mark Lattime, Bishop of Alaska, will officiate at the service. If Horn were still around she’d most likely be in the front pew, nodding her head in approval. “It’s heart-breaking not to have ...
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Reflecting on pilgrimage to St. Herman's hermitage
Early Saturday morning (way before I am usually awake and about), seven boats departed from the Kodiak harbor into a foggy whispery sea, beginning the physical part of a pilgrimage to the hermitage of St. Herman on Spruce Island. Say that three times. Pilgrimage to St. Herman's hermitage or Pilgrimage to the hermitage of St. Herman. It has been something I have wanted to do since I first looked up Kodiak, Alaska o...
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There’s a spiritual solution to busy-ness
Don't you admire people who can take short breaks, stop and smell the roses (or the coffee, which I prefer), and even take power naps? I don't. As a somewhat compulsive person (but trying to recover), I have two speeds: on and off. When I am on, I get a sort of tunnel vision, where the goal is all that matters. Except that, on the way to the goal, there are way too many distractions, which belies the tunnel vision...
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