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Eliminating public input would be dangerous
Editor: I was intrigued by a recent letter which called for an elimination of public input at council meetings, apparently to prevent our councilmembers from flip-flopping. In this case, the flip-flopper was identified as Tuck Bonney. Call Mr. Bonney what you like, but I would much rather have him change his views in response to public feedback than to stubbornly cling to a position, no matter how ludicrous. Perha...
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Sharing good news
To the Editor: So often when we pick up any newspaper, much of what we read is sad or bad news. I would like to share some good news! Recently, I contacted Kodiak Rental Center to rent a 50-foot manlift to change out the line on the flagpole at our church. In short order, Jamey and crew delivered the manlift. Upon seeing what we were about to do, Jamey offered to have his man go up and switch the line for us. They...
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Our court system is a joke to criminals
To the Editor: What is wrong with our court system and judges? All these repeat offenders get their hands slapped and let go. We have so much crime in Kodiak, but they let them go and they do the same things over and over again. You saw the Kodiak Mirror that said about this one in particular who at age 58, is still stealing, robbing and breaking the law all the time and he is still running loose. I knew him as a ...
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Call out people based on their character, not cultural background
To the Editor: I hope that you are enjoying some of these beautiful days that we are being blessed with. One of the things I have enjoyed about the KDM reporting has been your cultural non-bias. I just want to make a comment on the article on the front page of the KDM paper dated July 22, 2013, titled “Jury finds man guilty of 2011 assault.” The article starts with “A Filipino man…” instead of a “Kodiak man” like ...
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Human nature doesn't change
To the Editor: President BO's speech on July 19, 2013, that mentioned how cruel it is for black men to hear door locks click and see women clutch their purses a bit tighter when blacks come into range is similar to his piece in one of his books about how he resented white girls that refused to date him. It seems he objects to the exercise of individual choice. Until all humans are exactly equal in looks, abilities...
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Get rid of public input during meetings
To the Editor: I keep hearing a Hotline-Rewarmed segment on our local country station that pretty much says “Bonney Bonney flip-flop when he is up for re-election, Bonney.” It seems to me that 1) we need local government, 2) we should vote out all flip-floppers, and 3) our councilmembers need to be protected from the curse of their own open- (weak-) mindedness. There is clearly a problem here, not only with Tuck B...
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Smoking ban goes too far
To the Editor: I will not trivialize the plight of nonsmokers, and for the record: I am now smoke-free, yet have no urge to control the guy across the street. Is there a crisis? Most of the buildings here are nonsmoking. Kodiak has chosen a freedom-oriented solution to a difficult problem. Our cherished ownership and property rights have been respected. Proprietors respond to market forces and social mores to do w...
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Hypocrisy and the smoking ban
To the Editor: There’s a lot of hypocrisy going on almost most matters. One in particular is cigarettes, pipes and cigars. They sell tobacco to you because it’s legal and at a high price! After a person has bought tobacco, where do you smoke it? “You can’t smoke here.” “You can’t smoke there.” “It is illegal to smoke here.” They are getting so nosey you can’t smoke I your own home, car or boat! The “do-gooders” as...
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People shouldn't complain about rent
To the Editor: On the Hotline, Monday, people were griping about their rent being raised in apartments. The owners of the apartments have to pay each renter’s sewer, water, garbage, electric, insurance, high property taxes, heat, city 7 percent sales tax, repairs and cleaning, just like rental houses pay on each tenant. Some of these people are earning high retirement income and they can afford to own their own pl...
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Just Take a Trawler and Processor Lobbyist’s Advice
As reported about Monday’s fishery working group meeting, anthropologist Courtney Carothers’ preliminary survey findings showed 77 percent of respondents believing fish privatizations lead to a downturn of the local economy. The National Academy of Science’s study does not support a finding that fisheries would be better managed if they were private rather than public resources. What saturated the results was a wi...
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