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Automated voice telephones need to go
To the Editor: Ban automated voice telephones. “I’m sorry — I didn’t get that?” “Would you please repeat that?” “I’m sorry I didn’t get that.” “Would you please repeat that?” The customer is now boiling! “Get a representative please!” Welcome to the world of automation! “Oh, this call may also be monitored,” also. Come on phone companies, you can do better than that. Tempers are rising, highly! Bill Bjorkland
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Borough should back away from smoking ban
To the Editor: Thomas Jefferson is often credited with the quote: “That government is best, which governs least.” He may not actually have written these words, but the idea is sound. I hope the Assembly doesn’t go forward with their smoking ban proposal. If they do, I hope the voters restore sanity by voting it down. I question the legal, (or if legal) the practical powers of the borough to intrude this far. Mr. G...
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Proposed smoking ban goes too far
I am not going to voice my opposition to a smoking ban, as a smoker I’m subject to a ban pretty much everywhere I go these days, on- or off-island. I do feel that the draft of the ban the assembly is defending is far too reaching and I commend assemblywoman Louise Stutes for being the lone wolf in opposition to the proposal. I am specifically concerned with how the ban equates a commercial fishing operation’s vess...
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US foreign policies are deteriorating
To the Editor: We, the US, need another Teddy Roosevelt. “Speak softly, but carry a big stick!” Our foreign policies seem to be deteriorating. Morals of this country are doing the same over money, $17 trillion in debt. Nobody cares, it seems. Putin toys with Obama like a cat does a mouse. China borrows U.S. money. Wake up, everybody! Bill Bjorkland
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The film 'Trashed' is worth revisiting
To the Editor: Thank you for the article on the new recycling center in Friday’s paper. I’m glad to see Threshold moving forward with its vision to divert more waste from the Kodiak landfill. There are other waste-related issues popping around town, too, including expansion of the landfill and work on a municipal composting solution to handle biosolids from the waste treatment plant. This might be a great time for...
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Kodiak's farmer's market has fresh homegrown produce
To the Editor: Saturday, June 1 was our first Farmers’ Market. More and more vendors are participating; the more the better and merrier. There are jellies, butters, homemade Amish-recipe breads, delicious baked goods, and, of course, produce. The produce is homegrown and couldn't be any more local or fresher. There are vegetables that aren't sold in our grocery stores, and that goes for some unusual varieties too....
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Important things and wisdom to know the difference
To the Editor: Time is limited for us all. I think it’s important, often seeking help, to see the things that really matter. Besides the two to three, maybe, assembly members, I do believe only one community member that is addimatly opposed of rehiring the legal firm that represents KIB. Even if there are more without voicing their thoughts, this democracy experiment takes another rib-cracking blow. Aldous Huxley ...
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Politicians need to change
To the Editor: Before all this “hanky panky” going on in Washington D.C., the word from the present administration appeared change — “change this” or “change that.” From the law-abiding citizens of the U.S. we say this to politicians in Washington D.C. — “You change! Change your diapers. They are full.” Bill Bjorkland
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Safe Routes to School aims to encourage kids to walk or bike to school
To the Editor: We appreciate that the Daily Mirror brought attention to the recently completed Kodiak Safe Routes to School plan, which addresses how to make our community more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. However, the article published on June 6 misrepresented Safe Routes to School by implying that the primary focus is to address childhood obesity in Kodiak. The author of the article also made a poor choice o...
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Give us the choice on smoking ban
To the Editor: Here we go again. More government control on its way, less freedom each day. Seems the borough assembly is headed towards more control with a smoking ban. We are well informed about the risks with smoking. We do have choices, do we not? The issue here is when someone else tells another how to operate their business, there is no freedom. The correct method would be to talk to the owner about their co...
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