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Action needed against truancy
To the editor: Have you ever wondered why so many kids are roaming around during school hours? I have, and I think that it is a real problem for our community. The Kodiak Island Borough School District needs to get serious about getting kids to come to school. Truancy is a major problem not only in Kodiak, but in all of Alaska. Research has shown there is a strong correlation between truancy and at-risk behaviors ...
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Overcrowded classrooms hurting students, teachers at East
To the editor: Overcrowded classrooms at East Elementary are a major problem for students and teachers who attend the school. Because of the overcrowding, my son and other students aren’t excelling as well as they were in the previous grades. East has too many students and they are not receiving the attention they need. My son is in a class of 29. That causes more distractions, which in return causes less focus. T...
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Get high-tech qualifications to be sure of making an honest diem
To the editor: The cut-throat job market is in the minds of many Americans, with images of college graduates flipping burgers and the media forecasting this approaching doom-and-gloom cloud of depression and unemployment. The other side of this is the high demand for skilled workers. We have recently hit a spike in work visas allowing foreign citizens to come fill a void in the job market. This polar duality exist...
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Even a short chase can kill deer after hard winter
To the editor: We are getting some great weather. The snows are melting and everyone can get outside to go hiking without sinking hip deep. All the furry family members are as eager to get outside as we humans are. Fresh air is good for everyone. But now is a good time to remember the deep snows and long winter the deer, rabbits and all other wild critters have had. The surviving animals are about starved from liv...
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Gov. Parnell staying loyal to Big Oil
Gov. Parnell of Alaska is a professional lobbyist for the Republican Party by trade. He now is lobbying as governor to save the big oil companies $2 billion in taxes, while they stick it to you at the gas pump. Don’t you think there’s something wrong there?
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Shooter’s identity widely known
To the editor: The FBI is telling Kodiak residents that the shooting suspect is still at large but there is no danger to the public. This sounds like an oxymoron to me. They say that this person, the perpetrator, is unidentified, which is laughable, because many, if not most people, including the FBI, know who it is. To them I say, “Find, get the necessary evidence and nail this … .” It’s quite interesting that th...
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Halibut users have chance to testify
To the editor: Halibut bycatch is the topic of a two-day workshop this week in Seattle, sponsored jointly by the International Pacific Halibut Commission and the North Pacific Fishery Management Council. The meeting will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 24 and 25 and can be viewed via webcast. Register at http://www.iphc.washington.edu/meetings-and-events/workshops/268-bycatch-workshop-2012.html. While S...
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Did Kodiak City Council want broadcast quashed?
To the editor: Regarding the recent brutal killings at the Coast Guard communications station, the ones the whole town has been talking about and worrying over and passing all sorts of rumors about. The killings which the FBI blandly assured us that, although the unknown killer is still at large, we have nothing to worry about. Like everyone else I have talked to, I checked the loads in my pistol in the nightstand...
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Sitka student reps enjoyed visit
To the editor: The Sitka High delegates from the All Alaska Student Government Confrence would like to give a few thanks. Thank you first off to Randy Schick, who picked us up from the airport, and who was a terrific tour guide and showed us around your beautiful town. Thank you to Teresa Schneider and the teacher of Room 212 at Kodiak Middle School for letting us stay in their rooms this weekend. And most of all,...
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Stream restoration plan not credible
To the editor: PacRim Coal LLC will be at ComFish this week spreading a tall tale: that it can build a new salmon stream after 25 years of intensive strip mining at the Chuitna coal mine on the west side of Cook Inlet. If PacRim has discovered some miraculous new technology to build new salmon streams, it would surely be more profitable for it to restore the decimated runs in the Pacific Northwest. Until then, it ...
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