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Ex-coach’s apology falls short
To the editor: This letter is in response to Brett Larsen’s attempts at apologizing to the community and the girls high school basketball team for his inexcusable actions. I’m sick of reading blatant lies.  I played basketball for KHS for four years, college for four years, and professionally throughout the U.S. and internationally for seven years. With this experience behind me, I can tell you, not once has a coa...
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The strongest ties last forever
To the editor: My family cares for me. The give me a home and food to eat and a bed and things to play with, like books and clothing. They love me. They teach me how to be responsible. They teach me to be good and nice to others,obey the house rules. They teach me to be self-sufficient. Sometimes I abandon the rules. I get consequences, like giving up things that are important tome, like my computer, so that I wil...
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First read, then panic
To the editor: Regarding your headline, “Natural disaster scheduled for today,” which was the banner headline in the Friday, Feb. 10, edition: Well, perhaps I should have read the article further right away, but with such an alarming headline I immediately drove to Walmart and cleaned out their bottled water and as many canned goods as I could fit into the cart, then on to Sutliff’s, where I purchased a state-of-t...
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NYC mayor aims anti-gun message
To the editor: Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire mayor, tried to pull one as mayor of New York at Super Bowl time. You see, it’s football time for a championship of the world, not a place for politics. Mr. Bloomberg thinks so as mayor and money power. Mr. Bloomberg is anti-gun. He hates guns. It goes like this: I don’t have anything against guns, except this gun should not be allowed. That gun should not be allow...
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Indiana student seeks report help
To the editor: My name is Drew Phillips. I am a fourth grader at Evansville Day School in Evansville, Ind. I am working on a state report on Alaska. I would appreciate if you could publish my letter in your newspaper so that your readers could send me postcards, brochures or anything else that could help me with my report. Please send the items by April 25, 2012, to Evansville Day School, 3400 N. Green River Rd., ...
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First Lady seeks special volunteers
To the editor: Alaska is fortunate to have one of the highest rates of volunteerism in the nation. In fact, 34 percent of our residents volunteer a total of 28 million hours annually. That’s more than 55 volunteer hours per Alaskan every year. Wherever I travel in Alaska, I meet volunteers with big hearts and helping hands. So for this year’s First Lady’s Volunteer of the Year Awards, there are plenty of Alaskans ...
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Republicans back real eco-terrorists
To the editor: The news is hijacked by presidential candidates’ lies. How about Obama trying to start class warfare? The rich have already waged guerilla class warfare on us by buying judges and lawmakers, resulting in their tax rates being reduced by half. This unfairly — no, criminally funneled most of the country’s wealth into their pockets over the last 50 years. Their ruthless greed shows no bounds, shipping ...
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Hospital, Coast Guard come through
To the editor: On Tuesday, Jan. 3, a friend of mine was taken to Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center with a spinal injury. At the moment he entered the emergency room, he received exceptional treatment from the staff. He knew at the very beginning that he was in good hands. The entire staff was compassionate and understanding of his situation and was very professional. From the ER doctor to the nursing staff, ...
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Palin, Bachmann only honest pols
To the editor: I read Amy Goodman’s column. The truth is, South Carolina has five different means of getting pictures IDs, not one, for voting. Amy has her head buried in the sand, like most socialists. America is a special place. Our forefathers fought and died to keep our republic free. In the 1700s, we chased the British down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. We will do it again if needed. You see, some of...
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Freedom for whom?
To the editor: How easy it is for oil companies to buy our state politicians. Parnell is an oil lobbyist without the people at heart. Remember Palin taking out a full page ad in our paper supporting Pebble Mine the day before an important vote? Meetings with these evil corporations produce winners, and it isn’t the people. Brian Butcher from the Department of Revenue is coming to tell us to give the oil companies ...
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