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Keep faith in Kodiak youth
To the Editor: Tonight as I read the KDM, I thought, “Where is Dr. Bob? I bet he would shed a more positive light on the events on the ferry last Friday.”  I have been working with Kodiak teens since 1986, including traveling off island for athletics, academics and student government. Not only am I willing to do this, but I look forward to it. Specifically, I have traveled every year with swimmers since 2006. I as...
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Protecting environment not a concern of oil industry
To the Editor: I was listening to the news on KMXT Monday morning and heard that Shell Oil had begun drilling in the Chukchi Sea without a spill response barge in place to safeguard against environmental disaster. How can this be allowed to happen?  Well, our global community has not learned from the Exxon Valdez disaster, the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and the countless other oil spills. I am becoming truly ...
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Student-athletes need to be considerate when riding ferry
To the Editor: Yesterday I rode the ferry from Kodiak to Homer. I have ridden state ferries three previous times, enjoying each of those trips. This trip was different. I was sitting quietly in one of the lounges, and a group of Kodiak student-athletes came into that area and started wrestling and next thing I know I get hit in the head with a tennis shoe! It got quiet, I heard some snickers, waited for someone to...
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Guest Opinion: Good to be home
I can’t decide whether I am the luckiest woman in Alaska or the luckiest person in America. I have just had the best 30 days anybody could have in any place ever. I have been home. Home in Ketchikan where people know my family well. In Metlakatla where when the planes don’t fly and you just deal with it, or ask somebody to take you to the airport in Ketchikan in their boat and they don’t think twice about doing it...
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Dangers from herbicide, log trucks
To the editor: We, too, have seen the chemical spraying machine out on the logging area in Chiniak. My wife and I have watched the actual spraying. The contractor working for Leisnoi is downplaying the spraying of herbicides. These chemicals have the same deadly and cancer-causing compounds as Agent Orange. They are spraying a huge area, not just someone’s backyard. Remember, we live in a northern rain forest wher...
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Don’t let the fluff distract you
To the editor: The opponents of Ballot Measure 2 have run a campaign designed to distract Alaskans from the real issue. The coastal management law and regulations we are voting on are the same ones that have worked for Alaskans for 34 years. Gov. Hammond designed this program to work for Alaskans. The “scary new law and regulations” ads are fluff. If the law or regulations need improvement, we can do that next yea...
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Ballot measure 2: The only control on federal fish farms
To the Editor: The Federal Offshore Aquaculture Act enables the establishment of fish farms in the three-mile to 200-mile coastal waters zone. The August 2012 Congressional Research Service report makes it clear that the Aquaculture Act is subject to the Federal Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA). The report states “For aquaculture projects in offshore federal programs in adjacent states under the CZMA ... The ove...
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Look out for herbicides in Chiniak
To the Editor: For those who might want to know. Seems like a lot of dangerous herbicides have been sprayed on Leisnoi property in the Chiniak area. For those who remember a few years back, a big deal was raised about the same issue on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska. People were outraged that highly toxic and extremely dangerous chemicals were being sprayed on a wide area of the island. Not it looks li...
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Who owns Alaska?
To the Editor: Does it surprise you that big non-Alaskan multi-national corporations have spent almost $800,000 urging you to vote “no” on ballot measure 2? (See financial disclosures to APOC.) This is a cheap price to control billions of dollars of Alaskan resources and silence the voice of the real owners — the Alaskan people. These special interests know that Alaskans have no voice in Federal decision making si...
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Vote yes on ballot measure 2
To the Editor: I urge all Alaskans to vote yes on ballot measure 2 this week to help keep the future of our coastal lands and waters in the hands of Alaska’s citizens. It is in our best interests to restore Alaska’s Coastal Management Program. In 1976, Gov. Hammond proposed a coastal management program for Alaska so that Alaskans would have a voice in managing our coasts as new development occurred. Alaska’s coast...
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