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Private matters don't belong in a public forum
To the Editor: I would like to respond to the author of last week’s letter to the editor consisting of an assault on my family. A public letter is not the forum to discuss matters in such a way. To begin with, your facts about my brother are incorrect. I would like to clarify that he is not “bad” or “in and out of jail all of his life so far” but instead is a well-respected asset at his job, an incredible, compass...
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Private matters should stay that way
To the Editor: I just finished reading Ms. Arndt’s most recent letter to the editor, and I am appalled that our local newspaper would publish a letter that is so slanderous to a local individual. I do not know the facts concerning the custody issue referred to by Ms. Arndt, nor do I care to. I was brought up to believe that private issues are just that. But for Ms. Arndt to feel justified in making remarks about J...
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Learn about the Affordable Care Act
To the Editor: Open enrollment for health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) begins in about three weeks. While the ACA provides protections and health care coverage for all Alaskans, Alaskan women particularly benefit from its requirement that insurance plans (finally!) cover the full range of FDA-approved contraception methods and stop insurance discrimination, “gender rating,” against women (www....
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Seedlings for Lesnoi land
To the Editor: Peter Olsen has a contract with Leisnoi to reseed the lands of Leisnoi which have been logged by A-1 Timber. Peter is experimenting if he can grow his own seedlings with the compost which he makes for the city. It is quite obvious that Peter is growing spruce seedlings to sell and plant on Leisnoi lands. Peter has a method to his madness. Frank Pagano
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September is 'Vulnerable Adult Awareness Month'
To the Editor: There are good reasons for Governor Parnell to proclaim September 2013 “Vulnerable Adult Awareness Month.” Alaska has the fastest-growing senior population in the nation. Reports of harm to Adult Protective Services have risen 183 percent in the last five years. The office of the long-term care ombudsman now opens four times as many cases each month as it did in 2009. Our state has many vulnerable s...
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Elected officials need to balance our checkbook
To the Editor: We now have at least a million and a half plus-dollar sidewalk on Shelikof Street measured in yards, not miles. We have streets where pothole dodging is an Olympic event. We have roads with no street lights. Honestly, how hard would it be to add a light to an existing power pole? That could be done between town and the airport as well. We have councilmen using their elected position to push their pe...
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Lessons to learn from Zimmerman incident
To the Editor: Now that the media-orchestrated furor over George Zimmerman’s trial and acquittal is over, it’s time to take stock and see what lessons we can learn from the incident. The current issue of Backwoods Home Magazine (www.backwoodshome.com) has an interesting article “Perspectives on the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin Shooting,” by Massad Ayoob. It fills in a lot of the information that the in-depth in...
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Fight in the mall not a bar brawl
To the Editor: I picked up the newspaper for Wednesday Sept. 4th, and the headline reads “Man severely injured in bar assault”. I read the article carefully, and thought to myself really, “bar assault?” It appears the injured individual was not in a bar at all when the assault occurred, and when the medics arrived he was not in a bar, so I would question as to where “bar assault” comes from? To me this is irrespon...
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Alaska education standards are basically 'Common Core'
To the Editor: Can we afford the new Alaska standards for our schools? I called the Alaska Dept. of Education and Early Development earlier this spring, and after repeated phone calls, I received a reply. The gentleman assured me that the State of Alaska was not going to adopt the “Common Core” Standards. This response is what many would call a “half truth”. Alaska is not calling their Alaska Standards, “Common Co...
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Keeping Whales, Sea Lions, and People Safe
Here in Alaska, we live with some of the most incredible wildlife in the world. Wildlife viewing is part of what makes our corner of the planet so special and draws so many visitors to our state. Living in the middle of wildlife habitat as we do in Alaska comes with responsibility — the responsibility for each of us to dwell among these special creatures in a manner that minimizes harmful encounters between humans...
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