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Fisheries analyst a good hire
To the editor: I am concerned that borough assembly members seem to be wavering on the issue of hiring a fisheries analyst. While I do not support an open checkbook, it is my understanding that we are talking about a specific, limited, defined contract, so I strongly support hiring this position. Particularly because Kodiak has highly diverse opinions, our leaders need to hear from an informed, neutral source and ...
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Refuge Rock accounts unclear
To the editor: What really happened at Refuge Rock? This subject, discussed briefly in the Mirror’s Oct. 11 article, should be looked into in more depth. The historical person Miron Britiukov, who wrote a letter stating that about 500 people died at Refuge Rock, also says that many of these people stampeded and were trampled to death in the process. Another historical person, ship captain G. Izmailov, who gave inq...
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Wounded dog shows need to unify
To the editor: I was appalled to read about Gash, the brutalized dog found at the animal shelter. The person or people who committed this horror need to be found and locked up immediately before they have the opportunity to commit the crime again, maybe this time against a human being. After all, this is the way a sociopath is built. I am even more dismayed at the lack of action and “not my turf” attitude taken by...
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Seeing a way through the fence
To the editor: With the chain link fencing now replaced on the Near Island bridge, I’m surprised the issue of photo ops has not resurfaced. Why doesn’t the chamber, visitors bureau, the high school, the Daily Mirror, or … hold a contest tapping all of our young talent for different designs of picture portal insets to be installed at various points along the bridge? It just seems to me that we are far enough away f...
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A chance to get past the partisan fray
To the editor: John Katz, Alaska’s lobbyist for over 30 years, announced his retirement last night and gave as one of his reasons the quagmire that Washington has become. If it is too disheartening for Mr. Katz, we are in deep trouble. This week, Congress narrowly averted a government shutdown for the second time this year. After the debt ceiling debacle and resulting downgrade of the country’s credit rating, it’s...
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Bell’s Flats playground a necessity
To the editor: This is a response to your municipal election article in Wednesday’s paper. I was troubled by comments by assembly candidate Gail Brandt. First, “A playground in Womens Bay as things the community wants rather than needs.” Unfortunately, this is a necessity. I was born and raised in Kodiak and today the same park I played sits in Bell’s Flats, rotting away. At the base of the swing set, cement block...
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Big money not in control of local elections
To the editor: In national and state politics, term limits might make sense. Incumbents get major campaign contributions for their re-election campaigns and are hard to unseat. At our local level there is no big money involved in the elections. It’s not an issue. There are a wide variety of borough assembly candidates to choose from in this election. Incumbents David Kaplan and Judy Fulp have experience and are go...
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Stubborn office holders don’t let others run
To the editor: Just a reminder for the smart people to vote yes on Initiative Proposition No. 1 for term limits when they vote on Oct. 4. It is true that the longtime office holders do not listen and do not care about the people that voted them in office. They do what they want to and not what the voters want. And if you listened to the TV and radio on Tuesday, you would know who not to vote for. The two incumbent...
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Just say no to term limits measure on Election Day
To the editor: I am writing to urge you to vote no on Initiative Proposition No. 1 regarding term limits, and let me tell why. The voters of the Kodiak Island Borough already have the power of term limits. They exercise this power every October in electing their Borough Assembly members. If you look at all the previously elected Borough assembly members, excluding the current members because they are still in offi...
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Alutiiq won right to bid on Navy contracts
To the editor: This week the Daily Mirror published an article stating Alutiiq 3SG LLC, a subsidiary of Afognak Native Corporation, won a $290 million U.S. Navy contract. To clarify, Alutiiq 3SG LLC did not actually win a $290 million contract with the Navy; rather, it won the right to compete for work under a $290 million Navy contract. Through a year-long process, Alutiiq has become a qualified bidder, along wit...
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