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Need vs. Want Part 3
To the Editor: I got a call recently from a friend who just bought his fuel and looked at the receipt: “Neal, did you know?” “Yes, I did,” was the answer. Somehow the city is taxing fuel based upon the cost after all other taxes are added on (federal and state). Yes, check it out yourself. The city of Kodiak is taxing the taxes for higher return. It sure seems like a lot of people are now paying attention to those...
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Stop cutting the trees
To the editor: Stop the tree cutting! I was alarmed and dismayed at Wednesday’s front page article, “City removing trees at cemetery.” Cutting trees is not the solution to the City’s “lack of open space and lack of topsoil.” Nor is it a positive first step toward “planning a new cemetery,” as stated in the article. The beneficial influence that trees, gardens and plants have on our well-being has been recognized f...
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Common Core is a Marxist theory
To the Editor: Lev Vygotsky worked at the Commissariat for Education with Lenin's wife, Krupskaya. Around 1933 he developed the theory of the “Zone of Proximal Development” in Leningrad. This theory basically says that the student is in charge of the learning. The teacher has a less important role in the schools, as that of a more knowledgeable peer. Repetition and reiteration should be avoided at all costs. Topic...
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Politicians are testing Americans
To the Editor: Fellow Americans, you are being tested! By politicians to see how far they can go, passing laws and etc. to control you, what you eat, what you say, where you go, how much you spend, what you say on the iPhones and telephones, your mail, things like that. Got the idea? It’s going on right in front of your eyes. Wake up! They even had the guts to shut down war memorials even though soldiers went and ...
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Stand up Kodiak and take charge!
To the Editor: I’ve been upset about the local Realtors trying to get the borough to put land up for sale, and everywhere I turn in Kodiak I see vacant lots. Some local Realtors wanted the Borough to put Russian Ridge up for sale so affordable apartments could be built — get real! Who is going to buy that kind of property and build apartments? A 360-degree view for apartments … I don’t think so. Maybe a multimilli...
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Frivolous spending in government
To the Editor: Dog Bay lift was supposed to generate its own income and support itself. Once again this was incorrect information and the rest of us are asked to pay for yet another bogus expense. However, those who speak against these things are treated as if they haven’t a clue what they are talking about. Yet the end result is we pay while a few use. Two years ago, this council voted to donate/hire one man at $...
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Elected officials not looking out for interests of community
To the Editor: Matt Gilbert's comments and question are right on. A complaint had been alleged against A-1 Timber for damage to the Chiniak Highway. It had been alleged that A-1 was hauling oversized loads during night time. Matt’s question: Who will pay for damage to Chiniak Highway? Leisnoi's June 2013 newsletter informed its shareholders that there is no problem. Leisnoi and A-1 Timber met with Pat Kemp (commis...
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Alaska Aerospace Corporation needs to support local businesses
To the Editor: Bernie Karl, owner of the Narrow Cape Lodge (and Chena Hot Springs) has been talking to state legislators, trying to convince them to appropriate $2.5 million into the Governor’s budget this next year for the Alaska Aerospace Corporation (AAC) to purchase Narrow Cape Lodge. Knowing what Mr. Karl is up to, the AAC Board of Directors said they would not refuse the funding if it became available to pur...
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Need vs. Want
Editor’s Note: This is Part 1 of a two-part letter. The second part will be published next Wednesday. To the Editor: A need is something that we must have in order to continue on. In evaluating needs and wants always evaluate the end result. Example: For just about ever, no city administration has ever finished the south end of Shelikof Street for a number of reasons, cost versus need did not justify it! The end r...
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Sales Tax Article Misleading
To the Editor: Community members were concerned that raising the City sales taxes would “discourage commerce, resulting in less tax revenue as residents and businesses move outside city limits”. While KDM states “that hasn’t happened,” that assertion contradicts with the statistics provided. In the first quarter of 2013, the city’s taxable receipts declined. In the second quarter they went up, but as the article s...
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