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People don't understand the gun situation
To the Editor: The assault rifle in books is like the M15, a fully auto rifle when the lever is used. The assault rifle is semi auto like rifles and shotguns used for hunting. You pull the trigger each time to fire. Sportsman like the accuracy of it and the looks for hunting, target shooting and rifle sports. Obama says 'It's got to be taken off the streets." If he wants that rifle, go visit Mexico and get a thous...
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The facts about the oil and gas policy
As the business trade association for the oil and gas industry in Alaska, the Alaska Oil and Gas Association (AOGA) provides factual information about the state’s largest private sector industry. Alaskans have been bombarded by 30-second sound bites and bumper stickers over the last several months, but oil and gas policy is rarely explained accurately in short political statements, so I’d like to highlight a few f...
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2012 State Transportation Project Fund Support
The Kodiak Chamber of Commerce strongly encourages the Kodiak community to vote “YES” on the 2012 State Transportation Project Fund Proposition. The proposition is a State of Alaska General Obligation bond for $453.5 million and will be on the Nov. 6 General Election ballot. The bond package contains funds for transportation projects around the state, including the $15 million in funding needed to complete the rep...
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Kodiak needs to catch Mat-Su Valley in recycling
To the Editor: We dump 33 tons of garbage per day in Kodiak. If we can't reduce the amount of trash we generate, then we need to change our mindset about recycling. Reducing the amount of trash we generate is best, and reusing items is a great idea, but out of what is left after that large part is recyclable. Somehow, in Kodiak, we just don't measure up the recent numbers that compared our recycling to the recycli...
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Thanks you booster club for supporting sports
To the Editor: In my many years on this island and in this town I have learned Kodiak is unique in more ways than most of us can fathom. Our diversity and proximity has shaped us into a one of a kind community. One under-appreciated entity that has been relatively taken for granted through the years is the High School Booster Club. There are so many people involved in the success of this organization that naming t...
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Vote 'yes' on statewide bond issue
Letter to the Editor: I am writing to urge Kodiak Island voters to vote yes on the Alaska statewide bond issue on Nov. 6. This bond issue includes $15 million for the replacement of Pier 3 for the City of Kodiak. Pier 3 is our economic connection to the rest of the world where all of our groceries and freight comes in and our export goods including all of our fish, goes out. Pier 3 was built in 1972 and has served...
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Guest Opinion: Vote 'yes' for General Obligation bond
Tuesday, Nov. 6 is a major election day, not only for national and state issues and candidates, but also for a critical transportation infrastructure General Obligation (GO) bond for the State of Alaska. The Alaska legislature voted to place this bond measure before the people of Alaska as a way to pay for much needed maintenance, replacements, and repairs on important pieces of infrastructure statewide. Projects ...
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Disappointed in KDM's use of photo of dead bear
To the Editor: Kodiak brown bears are part of the culture of this island. I was disappointed to see a picture of the bear killed in Tuesday's edition of the Kodiak Daily Mirror, hanging upside down from a forklift. It was done in very poor taste. A decent photo could have been used, or if one wasn't available, none would have been better. I do understand there are times when a bear may have to be killed in defense...
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Brown bears deserve more respect
To the Editor: I was very sorry to hear about the DLP (Defense of Life and Property) bear incident on Otmeloi Way last weekend but even more disappointed to see the photo you chose to accompany the article. Brown bears are the icon of our island and deserve more respect than that. Perhaps a more appropriate photo might have been one of a simple electric fence that people could buy and install around their poultry ...
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Follow your heart when voting
To the editor: Obama and Hillary Clinton have been negotiating three or four treaties with the United Nations. One was about global gun control, but our Senate would not ratify it; they are trying to pass it in another way. One was about the sea act giving foreign nations the royalties from our oil wells in the ocean. Don't know where the United Nations will be in charge of redistribution of our wealth. To all the...
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