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Be careful when criticizing others
To the Editor: After reading the Kodiak Daily Mirror this month, I am concerned with letters addressing our magistrate, chief of police and former borough mayor. I have come to realize the importance of disclosing the sources of who is being bashed or criticized. That includes the family members or friends of the author, or who they are defending. I was able to analyze some myself, only because I grew up in Kodiak...
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Speak out against HB77
To The Editor: The Alaska Legislature will address House Bill 77 in January 2014. This bill will remove public comment periods and allow the Department of Natural Resources to issue usage permits without public input. For example, if the state wanted to drill for oil in Monashka Bay, the Commissioner of DNR could issue a permit directly to the oil company without the public having their opportunity to voice their ...
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Government has no right to censor the news
To the Editor: Some of the news we read or hear has to be censored due to laws that can put reporters and journalists in jail if they contain information that isn’t supposed to be released to the public. But what if the information that the journalists or reports are withholding is something that needs to be heard? Media is part of everyone’s lives whether we read news articles on the Internet or watch news channe...
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Welcome, December
Welcome, December, and to the freezing temperatures you leave in your wake. Welcome to Jack Frost, forever nipping at my nose. Welcome, Old Man Winter, who causes the snow to fall, and winds to whistle about me as it forces the snow to slice into the flesh on my face. Welcome, early sunsets; the night comes too quickly. Welcome, harvest moons, and your beautiful gold shimmer. Welcome, old sweaters, large and comfy...
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Take notice of what kids are being exposed to
To the Editor: In the past few years, concern over how youths are being influenced by the media has come up more and more. It has been debated back and forth if the positive side of media’s influence outdoes the negative effects. Here in Kodiak since the weather is not always pleasant, youths tend to turn to mass media to entertain them. It’s shown today that we have eight mass media industries: books, newspapers,...
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Does secrecy in the government keep us safe?
To the Editor: Secrecy in the government and/or media is an argument that has been going on forever. The argument is does secrecy keep us safe or not? As we watch the news, we tend to see a lot about the latest celebrity drama or gossip. Perhaps society doesn’t want to hear that —maybe they want to know what is happening in the government or with our troops overseas, or maybe they do like the drama and gossip. I s...
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Arts Council needs affordable ticket pricing
To the Editor: This past weekend was the Christmas performance of “The Nutcracker” ballet in the high school auditorium. Since its first complete performance in the United States in 1944, the ballet has burgeoned into a Christmas tradition in the United States and perhaps more so here in Kodiak, given Kodiak’s history of settlement by Russia. When the ballet was first performed in 1892 in Russia, Alaska had only b...
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Free Tilikum
To the Editor: On Oct. 24, CNN aired a documentary titled “Blackfish.” The documentary focuses on the life of SeaWorld’s 12,000-pound killer whale named Tilikum. At the age of three, the whale was taken out of the wild away from his pod. Killer whales are extremely intellectual and emotional creatures. Something like this happening can be extremely harmful to their state of mind. Tilikum has been in captivity for ...
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Are we losing touch with our children?
To the Editor: Having only been in Kodiak for a few short months, I am amazed at what a small town homey feel it has. Kodiak has a way of giving you a feeling of family and of close-knit relationships. Since arriving on the island, I have noticed that most of the families have both parents and sometimes even the children working multiple jobs, due in part — I suppose — to the high cost of living and the rise in ta...
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Education amendment opens door for addressing problems
The next state legislative session begins Jan. 21. One of the most important pieces of pending legislation is Senate Joint Resolution 9 (SJR9) “Proposing amendments to the constitution of the state of Alaska relating to state aid for education. It is ripe for passage. Our state constitution includes the so-called Blaine Amendment. Back in the Ku Klux Klan era of the mid-1800’s, Republican Sen. James G. Blaine of M...
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