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Important things and wisdom to know the difference
To the Editor: Time is limited for us all. I think it’s important, often seeking help, to see the things that really matter. Besides the two to three, maybe, assembly members, I do believe only one community member that is addimatly opposed of rehiring the legal firm that represents KIB. Even if there are more without voicing their thoughts, this democracy experiment takes another rib-cracking blow. Aldous Huxley ...
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Politicians need to change
To the Editor: Before all this “hanky panky” going on in Washington D.C., the word from the present administration appeared change — “change this” or “change that.” From the law-abiding citizens of the U.S. we say this to politicians in Washington D.C. — “You change! Change your diapers. They are full.” Bill Bjorkland
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Safe Routes to School aims to encourage kids to walk or bike to school
To the Editor: We appreciate that the Daily Mirror brought attention to the recently completed Kodiak Safe Routes to School plan, which addresses how to make our community more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. However, the article published on June 6 misrepresented Safe Routes to School by implying that the primary focus is to address childhood obesity in Kodiak. The author of the article also made a poor choice o...
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Give us the choice on smoking ban
To the Editor: Here we go again. More government control on its way, less freedom each day. Seems the borough assembly is headed towards more control with a smoking ban. We are well informed about the risks with smoking. We do have choices, do we not? The issue here is when someone else tells another how to operate their business, there is no freedom. The correct method would be to talk to the owner about their co...
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Stop lying
To the Editor: Clinton and Bush both told lies. A copycat is formed to others. On the Benghazi and IRS matters, the in after is there, “I take the fifth!” or “I know nothing or heard nothing!” Some even get by, by saying “I’m sorry!” or “I apologize.” DJ Holder and IRS Lerner are both lying. Lerner gets “leave with pay,” where prison would be better for the matter. The same for DJ Holder, a con who is supposed to ...
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Never give up
To the Editor: I am proud to be an athlete in Special Olympics. It’s because I’m glad to be part of it. My coaches and trainers always say, “Never give up.” I help Special Olympics to raise money for the program. My favorite sport is power lifting. Brittany Tregarthen
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Sand Point relies on fishing, too
I would like to make a comment on your recently published article, “Kodiak Acts on Tendering Issue”, dated April 3, 2013, on the local processors’ plea to the Kodiak City Council. Sand Point, like Kodiak, depends heavily on our natural resources. We do not have a diversified economy such as the Coast Guard, tourism, the sport fishing industry, the Kodiak Launch Complex and the luxury of the Alaska Marine Highway S...
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Obama's gun control agenda must be stopped
To the Editor: Obama took a trip to Mexico two weeks ago. While there, he put all the blame on U.S. gun dealers, saying 90 percent of the guns recovered came from gun dealers on the border. That’s a lie. Read on. The black market in Mexico is a virtual arms bazaar, with fragmentation grenades from South Korea, AK-47s from China and shoulder-fired rocket launchers from Spain and Russia. The Russian Mafia groups Pod...
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Kodiak is the safest place I have ever lived
To the Editor: In response to the letter about the downtown mall, this is perhaps a good time to bring up the bit about Kodiak being an inclusive community. You may have seen that sign driving near Dead Man’s curve. I have wondered what that means and who put that sign there. While I don’t have the answer, please let me offer my interpretation. For me, living in an inclusive city is understanding that people have ...
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May is ALS awareness month
To the Editor: Why May? Google Kevin Packman of Miami, Fla., and discover his crusade for his father, Bruce. ALS stands for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, known as Lou Gehrig's disease in the U.S. In other parts of the world, it is known as motor neuron diseases (MND), of which ALS is the most common. If only the upper motor neurons (from the brain) are damaged, it is called primary lateral sclerosis (PLS). If onl...
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