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Still no decision on Deadman's Curve bike path
Kodiak's streets are free of snow, but plans for a 1.3-mile bike path to Deadman's Curve remain stuck in financial slush. During a Tuesday night work session, the Kodiak City Council met to discuss a letter from the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities answering outstanding questions about the project. The letter left the council with almost as many questions as answers, however, and the counc...
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Kodiak borough's population rising faster than forecast
The population of the Kodiak Island Borough is growing faster than projected by the state’s demographers last year. According to figures released last week by the Alaska Department of Labor, the Kodiak Island Borough has gained 449 residents, or almost 3.2 percent, since the 2010 census pegged the borough’s population at 13,592. The state estimates that as of July 2012, the Kodiak Island Borough had 14,041 full-ti...
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School board discusses high school project
The Kodiak Island Borough will hold a sit-down meeting with bidders this Thursday as planning moves ahead rapidly for the Kodiak High School renovation and expansion project. The meeting, scheduled for 9:30 a.m., was one of the first items of discussion during Monday evening’s regularly scheduled school board meeting. Tony Yorba, the project’s architect, said high school planning remains on course. “From every ind...
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No reports of crab trouble from Kulluk
Three weeks after it ran aground near Sitkalidak Island, the drilling rig Kulluk is still moored in Kodiak waters with no timeline for removal. While Tanner crab fishing boats are now working near the Kulluk, moored in Kiliuda Bay, no conflicts have been reported to the unified command monitoring the rig. On Monday, ship tracking services showed the Kulluk surrounded by an entourage of nine ships. “There are calls...
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IPHC talks halibut quotas
The International Pacific Halibut Commission opened its annual meeting on Monday with a new attitude of openness, but fishermen are likely to see the same old bad news when catch recommendations are approved later this week. Commissioners from Alaska, Canada and the Lower 48 are meeting in Victoria, BC to approve halibut quotas for 2013, but initial presentations given Monday continued to outline the case for a qu...
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Armed teachers may already be legal in Alaska
Since the Newtown, Conn. school shooting, debates have sprung up nationwide about the role of armed guards in schools. In Alaska, Rep. Bob Lynn, an Anchorage Republican, has proposed House Bill 55, which would allow school districts to permit teachers to carry firearms in the classroom. According to at least one interpretation of Alaska law, however, school district administrators already have that power. In Decem...
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Chamber approves 2013 budget
The Kodiak Chamber of Commerce approved its 2013 budget without much discussion during a noon meeting Monday. The chamber's 2013 budget estimates $578,900 in expenses and revenue, less than a 1 percent decrease from $582,200 in the 2012 budget. The $3,300 difference between the 2012 and 2013 budget was spread out across different areas of the budget. The majority of the chamber’s net income comes from gaming reven...
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Stevens introduces bill to expand marine transportation board
A new bill in the Alaska Senate could give Kodiak a greater say in the advisory board that directs the Alaska Marine Highway System. On Friday, Sen. Gary Stevens introduced Senate Bill 24, which would expand the Alaska Marine Transportation Advisory Board to 12 members; the new seat would represent Southcentral Alaska including Homer, Kodiak, Seldovia and Kodiak’s rural communities. “It wouldn’t necessarily be a K...
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Island Espresso broken into
A rash of business break-ins continued Sunday morning when an unidentified man smashed the rear window of Island Espresso on Mill Bay Road. Caught on surveillance cameras, the man turned himself into police less than eight hours later, after his picture was circulated on Facebook. “I did happen to see the post myself,” said Kodiak Police Chief T.C. Kamai. “It was a pretty good image, and we had a good feeling that...
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Charges pile up against man in restaurant theft
More charges have piled up against a man linked to the Noodles Restaurant burglary. Casey Brennick, 22, was arraigned on nine felony charges in front of Kodiak district court judge Steve Cole on Friday. Brennick faces one count of second-degree burglary, four counts of second-degree theft, two counts of first-degree vehicle theft, one count of third-degree criminal mischief and one count of tampering with physical...
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