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City council considers solutions to taxicab trouble
The Kodiak City Council took the first steps Tuesday night toward a solution for the brewing crisis among Kodiak's taxicabs. According to city figures, sales tax revenue generated by taxi service has plunged by 40 percent in the past year despite a 1 percent sales tax increase. Simultaneously, registered taxicab operators report their business has declined under competition from "gypsy cabs," unregistered vehicles...
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School board approves resolution addressing Tustumena
The loss of the ferry Tustumena, which is out of service indefinitely as it undergoes repairs, is now affecting students in the Kodiak Island Borough School District. Each fall, nearly one-third of the students at Kodiak High School participate in fall sports including football, cross country, swimming, volleyball and tennis. With the loss of the Tustumena, costs for student travel have exploded as the district ha...
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Kodiak bowhunting begins with a course in the classroom
It’s not easy to hunt bear in Kodiak. After you beat the odds in the drawing for a permit, you have to fight the conditions and roadless distances of Kodiak Island to get in position for your shot. Miss, and you won’t get another chance for at least four years. If that sounds like a pressure-packed picture, add another challenge — do it without a rifle. Each year, two or three of the 200 or so bears killed by Kodi...
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Deaths spur reminders about drowning’s signs
Drowning doesn’t look like it does in Hollywood. There’s not always splashing and screams. Often, drowning signs are so subtle they go undetected. “Sometimes people perceive it as someone thrashing and being able to scream and yell, water flying everywhere,” Alaska State Troopers Sgt. Eric Olsen said. “A lot of times people get so fatigued or tired or cramped that their movements are very subtle or they’re already...
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Alutiiq Museum names Alicia Drabek executive director
After a three-month search, the Alutiiq Heritage Foundation has selected Alicia Drabek as the next executive director of the Alutiiq Museum. Drabek started her first day of work Monday. In an interview, she said she has been working with the museum’s strategic planning process, and “I’m excited about the chance to bring about some of those long-term visions.” Drabek, a mother of three, is an Alutiiq language schol...
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Man sentenced to 90 days in jail for shooting gun at unoccupied vehicle
A Kodiak man accused of pointing a gun at two people and firing it recklessly will serve 90 days in jail. Marcuz Goelz, 30, pleaded guilty to two counts of third-degree attempted assault and one count of fourth-degree weapons misconduct. The charges stem from an incident that took place March 17. Goelz was accused of pointing a gun at two people and shooting an unoccupied vehicle. A fight broke out at the Fir Terr...
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A river wedding
The bride wore an elegant sleeveless white gown. The groom donned a purple and yellow striped shirt with purple tie. Both wore hip waders. Kodiak has been the scene of unique weddings before, but the marriage of Dake Schmidt and Kadie Walsh may take top prize. On Saturday afternoon, the pair waded in the middle of the Buskin River, accompanied by their wedding party. For the operators of MemoryMakers Tour and Guid...
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Kodiak business wants to hear your cleanup stories
Alaska One Reality has challenged the residents of Kodiak to take a few minutes out of their day to clean up trash, and is awarding prizes to top cleanup stories. People can take pictures of litter in their favorite areas around Kodiak Island, clean it up and submit before and after photos and a description of the cleanup to Alaska One Realty. Alaska One Realty will choose the best stories and will award them with...
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July was warmest since 1979, driest since 1967
Phoenix, Arizona had more rain than Kodiak in July. It was that kind of month. July goes into the record books as the ninth driest and seventh warmest on record, according to the National Weather Service. Just 1.06 inches of rain was recorded in July. More than double that amount fell in Kodiak on the first three days of August. Most of July’s rainfall came in the first half of the month; just 0.02 inches of rain ...
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Fishing skipper accused of assault
A 56-year-old fishing skipper from Nevada was arrested in Kodiak for allegedly drunkenly assaulting two deckhands on a boat. Michael Clemens was arraigned in Kodiak District Court on Wednesday on two counts of fourth-degree assault and one count of DUI. All three charges are misdemeanors. According to court documents, Clemens and three men had been fishing for salmon on the fishing vessel Oceana Kaylani, a 48-foot...
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