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Timber thief goes for a log roll
Alaska State Troopers are investigating an attempted theft at logging company A1 Timber Consultant Inc.’s storage lot in Bell’s Flats. According to troopers, someone removed a single log from the bottom of a large pile of logs. According to a trooper report, A1 Timber employees contacted troopers on Sunday morning regarding the attempted theft of a log and “possible sabotage” at the Sargent Creek storage lot. The ...
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Salmon season officially passes record
ANCHORAGE (AP) — The commercial salmon catch in Alaska reached a record 260 million for the 2013 season as of last week, up from 221 million in 2005, officials said. During the last week of August, commercial fishermen netted about 24 million salmon, according to a state Fish and Game Department estimate. Much of this year's catch came from Southeast Alaska, with 98.4 million salmon, most of them pinks, the Alaska...
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Transfers, budget cuts leave Kodiak parks without rangers
State officials aren’t turning out the lights at Kodiak’s Fort Abercrombie ranger station, but it’s a close call. With the transfer of area ranger Jack Ransom and his assistant to the Kenai Peninsula, none of Kodiak’s state parks has an on-duty ranger. In fact, Kodiak-area state parks have been left with a single full-time employee thanks to budget cuts and transfers. “On the bright side, at least we're going into...
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Ferry or no, rodeo goes on
To hold a rodeo, you need four things: an arena, stock, volunteers and riders. A little grit helps. With the ferry Tustumena unavailable, the Kodiak State Fair and Rodeo was missing everything but the arena. With no ferry, horses and cattle couldn’t arrive from the mainland. Riders and volunteers couldn’t afford to fly. None of that mattered to the few hundred people who filled the stands at the Kodiak Fairgrounds...
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Ferry board talks Tusty
Members of the state Marine Transportation Advisory Board questioned the status of the ferry Tustumena during a meeting Friday in Southeast Alaska. Capt. John Falvey, general manager of the Alaska Marine Highway System, told the board that the Tustumena is expected to be back in commission by Oct. 1. “We’ve given ourselves a bit of extra room here,” Falvey said. “Right now I think we’ll make Oct. 1.” During the me...
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2013 Kodiak Rodeo Results
Wild Cowmilking (Saturday) 1. Marcus Levenson and James Hastings 2. 2. Shawn Hall and Steve Powel 3. Jesse Kitson and Kathleen Kitson Wild Cowmilking (Sunday) 1. Shawn Hall and Steve Powel 2. Jesse Kitson and Kathleen Kitson 3. Marcus Levenson and James Hastings Breakaway Roping 1. Malisa Levenson (4.72 sec) 2. Rebecca Garcie (DNF) 3. Rochelle Wood (DNF) Flag Race 1. Emma Helligso (15.932 sec) 2. Tatiana Schneider...
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August was wettest since 1977
After a July that was literally drier than Phoenix, Kodiak recorded the fourth-wettest August in local history, according to measurements taken by the National Weather Service. The weather service station at Kodiak Benny Benson State Airport recorded 9.3 inches of rain during August, tying August 1964 as the fourth-wettest since measurements began. The all-time wettest August came in 1977, when 11.13 inches was re...
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Speaker talks leadership to high school students
“Leadership is all about solving problems,” Ted Wiese, of Wise Training and Development, told students at Kodiak High School during a school assembly Friday. Wiese is a motivational speaker who works with thousands of students across the country and internationally each year to enhance their leadership skills. He uses humor and stories to teach his message to students. In one demonstration, Wiese told students abo...
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Kodiak Rodeo and State Fair starts this weekend
The cowboy mounted shooting event is the newest addition to the Kodiak Rodeo and State Fair, which takes place this Labor Day weekend. Susan Killary, KRSF president, said the sport has become popular to include rodeos. Kodiak Baptist Mission gave residents a taste of the sport last Friday as competitors rode horses in a pattern while shooting balloons with blanks. “It’s an upcoming sport in the rodeo world,” Killa...
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Center offers smoked salmon workshop
It’s been a record year for Alaska salmon. Through Wednesday, fishermen have taken more than 260 million salmon of all types, and more are still coming in. In Kodiak, most salmon head to big commercial processing plants, where they’re gutted, packaged and prepared for shipment to the world’s fish-hungry population. More than a few salmon stay in Kodiak. According to figures from the Alaska Department of Fish and G...
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