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Two KHS sophomores to attend presidential inauguration
Two Kodiak High School sophomores are traveling to Washington, D.C. for a piece of history as President Barack Obama is sworn in for his second term. Mandi Cox and Brenda Caftonguay, both 15, will be attending the inauguration as part of the High School Presidential Inaugural Conference, a four-day event hosted by education company Envision EMI. The Kodiak students’ trip is an educational one, full of classes and ...
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Hiker dead on Barometer
Not a single cloud blotted the skies above Kodiak on Tuesday, but it was a dark Christmas as searchers found the body of a missing hiker on Mt. Barometer. Derek Winn Russell, 20, had been missing since Saturday morning when he left Coast Guard Base Kodiak on a hike to the summit of the 2,452-foot mountain. Other hikers later recalled seeing Russell atop Barometer’s summit, but the Maine-born crewman from the Coast...
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Cod fisherman have smaller 2013 state quota
Thanks to federal quota cuts, Kodiak cod fishermen have a smaller 2013 state quota, too. On Monday, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game declared a cod quota of 13.58 million pounds, down more than 2 million pounds from last year. State waters extend from the shoreline to 3 miles offshore, and fisheries in that area are regulated by ADF&G. The cod quota is directly based upon federal statistics, however. The sta...
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Coast Guardsman missing after Barometer Mountain hike
Alaska State Troopers, the U.S. Coast Guard and Kodiak Island Search and Rescue are actively searching for a hiker missing since Saturday on Mt. Barometer. According to trooper reports, Derek Winn Russell was last seen at 10 a.m. Saturday as he hiked from Coast Guard Base Kodiak to Barometer. Russell, from Maine, is an active-duty Coast Guardsman stationed aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Munro. Trooper Boyd Branch, ...
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Supreme Court limits fee-collecting powers of KIB
In an opinion issued Friday, the Alaska Supreme Court has ruled to limit the fee-collecting powers of the Kodiak Island Borough. Addressing a two-year-old legal argument, between the borough and Cedric Cutler, the court said boroughs do not have the power to put a lien on property to collect garbage fees. The case now heads back to superior court. The case between the Kodiak borough and Cutler began in 2007 when a...
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Fish disaster aid might be allocated for Alaska
A $60.4 billion aid package for Hurricane Sandy victims may mean aid for Alaskans, too. Enclosed within a bill working its way through the U.S. Senate is a provision allocating $150 million for fisheries disasters in Alaska, the Gulf Coast, New England and areas affected by the hurricane. The language was inserted by Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska), and it’s among other area-specific measures that are drawing the ire ...
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U.S. Senate passes bill to extend federal benefits of NOAA members
The U.S. Senate has unanimously passed an Alaska delegation-backed bill to extend the federal benefits of NOAA Corps members. NOAA Corps officers and sailors serve aboard research and fisheries ships including the Kodiak-based Oscar Dyson; the new measure would give those sailors similar benefits to those Coast Guardsmen and naval sailors receive. The measure must be approved by the House of Representatives and si...
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KEA board approves 2013 budget
As Kodiak Electric Association prepares to install a new hydroelectric generator at Terror Lake, the electric cooperative’s board voted Thursday to provide an extra financial cushion should something go wrong with Kodiak’s flagship hydroelectric dam. In a unanimous vote, the KEA board of directors voted to defer $333,000 in revenue from this year to an indefinite period. As CEO Darron Scott explained, the move is ...
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Bear causing problems for communications station
Kodiakans are used to garbage-tossing bears and bears that prowl hiking paths, but one bear in the Buskin River valley is causing a new problem for the Coast Guard Communications Station. Early this month, a bear chewed on communications and control cables, damaging them so severely that one of the Coast Guard’s antennae was disabled. Thanks to winter weather, the partially-buried cables can’t be repaired until sp...
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Borough assembly approves first reading of temporary composting project
The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly unanimously approved the first reading of a temporary solution to the long-debated "fecal cliff" as it gave the OK for a temporary composting project at the Kodiak Island Borough landfill. The project cannot begin until confirmed with a similar vote at a special meeting next Thursday. Since October, debates have raged about the location of a composting plant that will process sew...
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