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Turkish prof looks at local parasites
A professor from Turkey studying the link between parasites in fish around the world spent the last six months in Kodiak studying organisms in rockfish, pollock and cod. Mehmet Cemal Oguz, a tenure-track professor at Ataturk University and visiting professor at Brigham Young University in Utah, bought fish from local canneries and studied them at the Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Research Center. In the 200 ro...
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Work Group talks bycatch after NPFMC meeting
The Kodiak Fisheries Work Group heard about the Gulf of Alaska trawl bycatch management discussions after the North Pacific Fishery Management Council meeting earlier this month. At the October NPFMC meeting, a new alternative on top of the existing three was introduced by the state of Alaska. The state’s alternative was to allocate bycatch, which was accepted for analysis by NPFMC. The other three alternatives we...
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My life as a mytholological eagle-lion
I have a special request this week to write about a particular word. Each Sunday for the past several weeks, my daughter has participated in the Special Olympics bowling league, and while cheering her and her teammates on, I have made a few new friends. Last week was their weekend-long bowling tournament, in which they bowled nine games (yikes!), but had, what I can only say was, collectively, a blast. Between two...
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Politics takes a back seat to night drive
Mom, wait. I’m confused.  I thought our mayor is a girl, not a guy” my daughter, Nora questioned me.  It was a rainy windy Thursday evening. Nora and I were getting settled into our chairs at the toasty borough assembly chambers.  We arrived 25 minutes before it started and sat in the front left row by the window. The assembly members trickled in, conversed with each other and sat in their executive assembly chair...
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Saga of survival bests slew of other recent space flicks
Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is a botanist and a member of the crew of the spacecraft Hermes in the recently released film “The Martian.” The Hermes has transported an assorted group of scientists and explorers to the surface of Mars. The crew of six has established a base camp and is conducting scientific experiments and exploratory missions in the immediate vicinity of the camp. The action opens with some of the cre...
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Kodiak 2nd most dangerous town, website finds
A national website has ranked Kodiak the second most dangerous town in Alaska. The website Roadsnacks.net claims it ranked Kodiak as the second most dangerous town in the state after reviewing the last 3 years of FBI’s Uniform Crime Report summarizing the number of property crimes and violent crimes in each city in Alaska per year. The website notes it only looked at the FBI figures involving Alaska cities that ha...
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Coast Guard coordinates good Samaritan rescue
Kodiak-based Coast Guard crews responded to a sailor adrift in heavy seas on a sailboat without rudder or rigging 400 miles south of Cold Bay Tuesday, according to a Coast Guard release. A C-130 was dispatched from Air Station Kodiak along with two MH-60 helicopters and a refueling aircraft from the Alaska Rescue Coordination Center after an emergency position indicating radio beacon alert was received from the 30...
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Providence honors local infant health program
The Kodiak Kindness program received one of six Providence Health and Services 2015 President’s Awards for Strategic Innovation on Oct. 13. Heather Preece is the director of the program. She is a registered dietician and lactation consultant. Preece said she started the program after discovering several parents had questions on feeding their newborn babies, especially breastfeeding. Physicians began referring thei...
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Alaska Science Forum: North Slope crude, burning on water
On a clear day last spring, fire sizzled on water at Poker Flat Research Range in the Chatanika River valley. There, scientists were spilling crude oil in a manmade water basin and torching it from above. A series of similar test burns were part of a team effort between university scientists and researchers with the oil and gas industry. On that April day, an orange flame hissed on the surface of a body of water 3...
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On-air panhandling season
Since there was very little in the way of formal agreement between and betwixt the Kodiak Daily Mirror and myself regarding these little columns I do, (except the mutual respect between old pros that we know the rules), I nevertheless thought I'd try to slip past some shameless self-promotion this week. Well, not so much "self" promotion; more like promotion of the nonprofit organization that I work for. KMXT publ...
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