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Outdoor Kodiak: Finding fun in Kodiak’s least-popular sport fishery
Which sport fishery is the least popular on Kodiak Island? Walk down to any beach on the road system today, and the answer is waiting. I’m betting you won’t meet a single angler. June is the peak for catching Dolly Varden trout in the ocean, yet almost no one bothers. Avid anglers fished for them in May rivers, but once these great fish reach the ocean they’re forgotten. Sure, anglers are distracted by the onset o...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Fighting the crowds for red salmon
I declare that spring has arrived! We have fresh king salmon in the freezer, and at any moment red salmon should start ascending Kodiak rivers. Red salmon, or sockeye as they they’re more widely known, are cause for celebration on Kodiak. They’re the first salmon of the year for shorebound anglers, and they’re incredible on the table. But there are two sides to that coin. Most of the river fishing occurs in a few ...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Fresh fish on the table
We dropped into a favorite restaurant for dinner last night, and their special was fresh halibut. Now I remember! Frozen halibut that’s been carefully packaged is excellent, but fresh is even better. That’s true for most fish. You can have dandy eating from the freezer, but it can be so much sweeter and more flavorful when fresh. My wife and I took our first bites at the same time. She looked up at me and smiled. ...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Getting started with Dolly Varden
I’m tired of waiting! The winter was long, and it’s time to start catching Dolly Varden in rivers. I can’t be sure they’re leaving their winter lakes yet, headed downstream to the ocean. But they should start any day and I plan to be on the river waiting for them. The timing of each year’s Dolly run is variable. Predicting it isn’t a matter of looking at last year’s calendar. I have come close a few times by watch...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Gearing up
We were all set. I spent this past Saturday finalizing boat preparations and sorting tackle. When the alarm sounded early Sunday morning, I bounded from bed ready to launch the boat for our first venture offshore for kings and halibut. I started the coffee and stepped outside for one last inspection of the boat. Holy cow! The thermometer on our porch read 26 degrees. And a cold breeze wrapped around the corner of ...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Purely for the fun of it
Three of us huddled in the shelter of the building, doing our best to dodge the chill wind while fumbling as we strung line through the guides of fly rods. They were tiny rods, so limber and light in the hand we had little hope they could cope with the wind. The wispy little rods were designed for tiny flies and trout, the mere touch of the smooth cork grips evoking small streams, warm days and trout noses slashin...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Spring snow teaches us to be prepared when hiking
A glance out the window revealed a scattering of low dark clouds beneath a higher gray layer. The brush was moving a little and there was a light chop on the water. In the corner of the window the thermometer reported 34 degrees. Hmmph … Not too bad on the Kodiak weather scale. Time for a quick walk? After too many indoor hours I couldn’t resist it. Donning gloves and hat and a suitable coat, I paused over my choi...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Trout in lakes
Are you anxious for cooperative fish but having no luck with Dolly Varden? Since your trout tackle is tuned and handy, why not try for rainbow trout stocked in road system lakes by ADF&G? Let’s get one thing straight before you write off “stockers.” The rainbows in local lakes are like no other stocked trout! In most places trout are raised large enough for catching before they leave a hatchery. As a result they a...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Is that halibut mushy?
Have you ever heard of “mushy” halibut? More importantly, have you ever caught them? I had been reading and hearing about mushy halibut for a number of years, especially in reports from around Seward and Homer. Frankly I wondered what all the fuss was about. Then, year before last, I caught one locally. Oh. Now I understand. But one fish two years ago? What’s the big deal, right? The big deal is that we caught a l...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Desperately seeking Dollies
I get serious about Dolly Varden in April. Sure, the bulk of the run won’t hit the rivers until May, but open water on local lakes promises hot action when you can find the fish. And even in April, when conditions are just right, you can find a few in the rivers. As lake water warms and ice retreats from lakes, the Dollies wintering there become more active and hungry. They’re coldblooded creatures, after all. As ...
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