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Cleveland volcano erupting, no danger seen
Cleveland volcano has begun erupting in the Aleutians, but Kodiak residents shouldn’t be alarmed — according to the Alaska Volcano Observatory, the eruption has thus far been small. According to a Monday morning bulletin from the observatory, recorders at Okmok volcano, 80 miles northeast of Cleveland detected a small explosion about 8 a.m. That explosion followed one at 11:23 p.m. Sunday. Clouds have shrouded the...
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Surprise snow postpones community cleanup
Kodiak’s annual community cleanup day has been postponed one week after island residents woke up to a snowy surprise Saturday morning. Eight tenths of an inch of snow were recorded at Kodiak State Airport between midnight Saturday morning and 8 a.m., one hour before cleanup day was scheduled to kick off at Kodiak High School. Saturday’s snow was unexpected but not abnormal for Kodiak, which sees two tenths of an i...
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Two accused of scrap metal theft
Two men who allegedly stole more than $5,000 of brass and copper items from Nick’s Auto Wrecking Salvage and Metal Recycling have been arrested by Alaska State Troopers. Timothy Kimmel, 49, and Walter Erickson, 27, were arraigned in Kodiak superior court on April 29 for three counts of second-degree theft apiece. Second-degree theft charges are class C felonies and punishable by up to five years in jail and a $50,...
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Baranov Museum names new executive director
Tiffany Brunson has been appointed the Baranov Museum’s new executive director. Kodiak Historical Society Board president Nancy Kemp said a committee reviewed six applications they received for the position, two of which were from out of state. “We were looking for administrative abilities and a background in history,” Kemp said. Out of the applicants, Brunson stood out because she was able to step into the interi...
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Coast Guard's FY14 budget calls for big cuts
The Coast Guard faces major budget cuts next year under a new plan unveiled by President Barack Obama to reduce the federal deficit. For fiscal year 2014, which begins Oct. 1, 2013, the Coast Guard has requested $9.79 billion, 13 percent less than the $11.03 billion approved by Congress for FY 2013. The figure is also less than the $10.68 billion approved for FY 2012. “No one’s more disappointed than I am,” said C...
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Artist in Schools program brings Juneau theater maker and teacher to Kodiak
Students at Kodiak Middle School and Kodiak High School learned how to use drama strategies to improve their writing with the help of a Juneau theater maker and artist. The Kodiak Island Borough School District brought artist and teacher Ryan Conarro to Kodiak for two weeks through the Artist in Schools program. KMS assistant principal Kendra Bartz coordinates the Artist in Schools program for Kodiak. This year wh...
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Legal hiccup for borough-owned nursing home
An ordinary procedural vote could turn into a major hiccup for the new borough-owned nursing home unless the borough finds an attorney — any attorney — to sign a bond issue this summer. On Thursday night, a short-staffed borough assembly voted 3-2 against a new contract with Wohlforth, Brecht, Cartledge and Brookings, which has been providing legal services as the borough pursues a $20 million bond issue to pay fo...
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Pamyua visits Kodiak for concert and workshops
Six years after their Kodiak debut, the eclectic Native music group Pamyua returns to Kodiak to help public radio station KMXT-FM celebrate spring. Variously called “Yupik-soul” or “Eskimo doo-wop,” the Anchorage-based group’s music won’t just appear on the Gerald C. Wilson stage tonight; it will also show up in the cozy confines of the Sun’aq Tribal Hall for a Saturday afternoon workshop. As Phillip Blanchett exp...
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Senior Citizens of Kodiak produces film to promote adult day program
Senior Citizens of Kodiak Inc. has produced a new eight-minute film that sheds light on the services adult day programs provide. Senior Citizens of Kodiak executive director Pat Branson decided she wanted to present information about adult day services to communities across the state. The film, “Best Kept Secret: Adult Day Services” explains what an adult day program does and who might use it. Branson narrates the...
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Alaska State Troopers start investigation after arrest video
The Alaska Department of Public Safety is conducting an internal investigation into a video that depicts a 20-year-old Kodiak woman thrown to the ground during an arrest by Alaska State Troopers. The YouTube video titled “Young woman being arrested for nothing” went live on Monday afternoon, and as of Wednesday afternoon had more than 21,700 views and 470 comments. Troopers were called to the home in Rasmusson’s T...
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