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Troopers issue citations for alleged fishing, license, safety violations
State troopers in Kodiak issued citations in at least 11 cases during the past five days on allegations of fishing, safety and licensing violations, the Department of Public Safety said Sunday. Larry Amox Jr., 42, of Kodiak, was contacted Saturday while he was subsistence fishing in Afognak Bay. A boating safety check determined Amox Jr. did not have enough personal flotation device for each person onboard. He was...
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Kodiak Coast Guard flies sick man near Unalaska
An Air Station Kodiak helicopter based on a cutter removed a sick man from a container ship and flew him to Unalaska/Dutch Harbor last week. The crew of the DS Patriot, a container vessel about 60 miles away from the city, reportedly emailed the Marine Safety Unit Dutch Harbor saying a 33-year-old crew member possibly had pneumonia and requesting a medevac. An MH-65 dolphin helicopter responded and took the man to...
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Giggling kids get ready for night of improv comedy
A dozen kids filled the stage with giggles and hilarious lines on Thursday as they prepared for a performance to cap a week of learning and practicing improv comedy in a Kodiak Arts Council Sum’Arts camp. The dozen kids spent an hour and a half every day this week practicing through skits, games and exercises. This year’s “Improvise This! class was the biggest instructor Michelle Griffin has taught since she began...
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Woman returns dog tag in Kodiak to sailor’s daughter in Oklahoma
After decades on a Kodiak beach, a military tag was returned to the daughter of a Navy sailor who served in Kodiak during World War II. Lydia Kimball, who moved to Kodiak a year ago, was searching for wave-rounded glass on a beach on the Coast Guard base, which was formerly a Navy base, when she discovered the tag labeled with the name Harold Edward Loveless. Kimball is a member of an almost 10,000-member Facebook...
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Reduced hours, but regular flights expected for Kodiak airport if shutdown occurs
Many airports throughout Alaska, including in Kodiak, will see reduced hours by Department of Transportation and Public Facilities staff if a state budget is not passed and the government shuts down on July 1. A release from DOT said Part 139 airports, those that service larger planes carrying more than 30 passengers, will see reduced hours if a budget is not passed by the state legislature, and DOT spokesman Jere...
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MOUNTAIN VIEWS: A whale of a mystery in Afognak
The floating object was truly a mystery to me. What was this large, white mass at the mouth of Afognak Bay? It hardly moved and looked like a small amphitheater. Very un-Alaskan, really. For a moment I thought it could be yacht. What could produce such a large bright reflection? Every summer our family spends several weeks on Afognak Island hiking, catching salmon, picking berries, resting on the beach. Lying in t...
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DOT: Ferry service will stop if shutdown occurs
The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities is preparing for a government shutdown that will include all Alaska Marine Highway System ferries ceasing to operate if it occurs. “Due to the uncertainty of a fully funded State of Alaska fiscal year 2016, (ADOT&PF) is preparing to reduce services statewide on July 1, 2015, the start of the new state fiscal year,” according to a release from DOT&PF. AM...
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Refuge visitor center has full summer planned
As summer heats up in Kodiak, the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center is beginning their summer programs. Happy Trails is back on Saturdays starting at 2 p.m. “It’s for kids of all ages and families and other folks too,” said visitor center manager Ava Kahn. “It gets folks outside.” Participants meet at different outdoor locations for an hour or so of “meeting in nature’s classroom,” Kahn said. This Sat...
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Black Rockfish closure in the Afognak district of the Kodiak area
The directed black rockfish jig gear fishery in the Afognak District of the Kodiak Area closed at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, June 2, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Catch reports indicate black rockfish harvest in the Afognak District was approaching the guideline harvest level, the ADF&G said in a news release. Following the closure, jig gear vessels may retain black rockfish in the Afognak Distr...
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Coast Guard, good Samaritan help adrift vessel
A fishing vessel disabled near Kodiak contacted the Coast Guard before another vessel towed them into the harbor, according to a Coast Guard release. The Mariner crew reported that they were drifting in Shelikof Strait in the disabled boat on Monday evening. After losing communications with the vessel, an Air Station Kodiak MH-60 Jayhawk flew out to find the boat and establish communications again, the release sai...
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