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City council approves temporary Horizon Lines deal
The Kodiak City Council has chosen to extend the city’s cargo-handling agreement with Horizon Lines. Horizon Lines operates Pier 3 on behalf of the city, but the city’s three-year contract with Horizon Lines expired Dec. 31. Negotiations for a new contract have been complicated by the upcoming construction of a new Pier 3. With negotiations continuing, the council voted 4-0 to extend the existing Horizon Lines agr...
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Keep eyes open for aurora
If Kodiak's skies stay clear, the archipelago's residents may be in for a light show. According to the Alaska Geophysical Institute, a solar storm detected Tuesday could bring aurora displays as far south as Colorado and central Illinois tonight. Kodiak will be in prime position to see displays overhead and to the south — if clouds stay away. According to the National Weather Service, Kodiak is expected to see gra...
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Board of Fisheries opens four-day Kodiak meeting
The Alaska Board of Fisheries opened its four-day Kodiak meeting on Tuesday as it listened to the first of more than a hundred fishermen who signed up to give the board a piece of their minds. During its four-day stay, the board will address 19 proposals including trawling in state waters and the declining condition of salmon fisheries on Kodiak Island's south end. The board operates on a rotating cycle that retur...
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Cattle supporters speak up
Forty-five Kodiak residents gathered Tuesday night to talk about cattle living on an island shaped like a T-bone. As many as 1,000 cattle inhabit remote Chirikof and Wosnesenski islands, but the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge wants to remove what it says is an invasive species that is overgrazing prime seabird habitat. “There’s no grazing permits, there’s no management,” said refuge manager Steve Delehan...
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School board approves tenured teacher contracts
The Kodiak Island Borough School Board approved more than $10 million of contracts for tenured teachers during a special meeting Monday night. The board approved $10,249,271 distributed among 136 certificated tenured teacher contracts for the 2014-2015 school year. Contracts ranged from $35,491 to $87,946 depending on the teacher’s position in the district’s salary schedule. The school board also approved the $26,...
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Chamber board member nominations open
Four seats on the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce are open for election this year. According to a release from the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce, each of the four vacancies is for a three-year term. Trevor Brown, executive director of the chamber, said one of the four seats was vacated by former Alaska Waste chief Rick Vahl and the other three vacancies are from the expiring terms of Rick Kniaziowski, Bob Brodie and Greg ...
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Registration opens for Girl Scouts Women of Science and Technology Day
Next month, the Girl Scouts of Alaska will conduct the 22nd annual Women of Science and Technology Day across the state. Girls from kindergarten through eighth grade are invited to attend the Feb. 8 event at Kodiak College. The purpose of the day is to excite young women about STEM fields — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — and to teach them about careers in those fields. “It’s just to get girls i...
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Empty Midway: Golden Wheel backs out of Crab Festival
Last year, Kodiak put on a Crab Festival with no crab. This year, the city will try to host a Crab Festival with no festival. On Monday, the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce confirmed that Golden Wheel Amusements, which has furnished rides for the festival midway for the past 40 years, will be unable to do so in 2014. “Crabfest is a lot more than just the rides, but it is going to be, you know, different,” said Trevor B...
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Kodiak state park positions go vacant
The gates of Miller Point Road are locked, and the park office at Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park are all but empty. Four months after the departure of area ranger Jack Ransom, Kodiak’s state parks remain without a ranger on staff. To maintain Kodiak’s six state recreation sites and parks, the state has just one technician. Full staffing is a complement of four. Asked whether the state plans to fill the vac...
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Drones to be tested in Kodiak, but ultimate role unclear
Kodiak Island could soon be home to drone testing. Last week, the Federal Aviation Administration named the University of Alaska Fairbanks as one of six national test site operators for drones, formally known as unmanned aerial aircraft. Kodiak Island was included as a test site in UA’s proposal. Under the proposal, Kodiak drone testing will be limited to a test range covering Narrow Cape, nearby Ugak Island and w...
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