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Island Flavor: Taking a kid for an ice cream in Kodiak
I cherish memories of taking my children out on warm summer evenings for ice cream. We would buy ice cream cones at a shop that looked like a gingerbread house, then stroll to the park. I would savor my treat on a bench, where I sat with my legs stretched out in front of me and watched as the kids played tag on the grass. Sometimes we bought ice cream at our favorite “scoop deck” at the marina. We sat on wrought i...
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Amazing Nature: Salps are an offshore surprise
Many people have never seen them because they usually live offshore, and nobody wants their fishing nets clogged with these organisms. Those who have found them washed up on a beach describe them as looking like strings of beads, piles of snot or give them descriptive names like “beach bubblewrap”. Their official English name is salps. Salps have gelatinous and transparent bodies reminiscent of jellies. Unlike jel...
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Kodiak all-star teams begin District I play
Kodiak Little League all-star teams begin their quest for state titles beginning Sunday. The Majors division (11 and 12-year-olds) starts District I pool play at 7:30 p.m. Sunday against AMC in Anchorage, while the Juniors division (13 and 14-year-olds) begins pool play Tuesday in Anchorage. Two Kodiak Little League teams have won state titles. The 1982 Majors swept Juneau in two games to take the championships. T...
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Senior Life: Senior Center welcomes Vicki Canny to staff
The Kodiak Senior Center held the annual Stan and Nita July 4 BBQ Thursday. This event is held each year in honor of the couple who generously donated part of their estate to the agency’s endowment fund. New Activities/Volunteer Coordinator This position which was created in January took the place of the Nutrition, Transportation & Support services aide and focuses on bringing activities to the center as well as l...
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June was second-hottest in 75 years
June 2013 will go into the record books as the second-warmest in 75 years and seventh-warmest all time, according to the National Weather Service. Altogether, Kodiak had an average June temperature of 53.8 degrees, more than 4 degrees above last year’s average. The monthly mark ties June 1924 as the seventh-warmest since recordkeeping began. The warmest June, according to records kept by the National Weather Servi...
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Accused drug dealer found with meth
A Kodiak man who pleaded guilty in March to dealing drugs was found in possession of methamphetamine last week, police say. Edwin Cagaoan, 48, was arraigned in Kodiak district court on June 27 on one count of fourth-degree possession of a controlled substance, a class C felony punishable by up to five years in jail and a $10,000 fine. According to court documents, an officer picked up Cagaoan on June 26 to transpo...
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Old Harbor digs offer new clues into Kodiak’s past
A project building the future of air travel in Old Harbor has provided never-before-seen clues into Kodiak’s past. Archaeologists from the Alutiiq Museum have returned from six and a half weeks of work on a trio of sites demolished as part of a runway expansion project. Ahead of the bulldozers, the museum crew found artifacts dating as much as 7,200 years old, including remnants of what may be the oldest seal smok...
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Smoking ban passes first vote
With a 6-1 vote, the Kodiak Island Borough assembly pushed a controversial ban on public smoking past its first hurdle. Tuesday night's vote merely means the proposal will come back in two weeks for what undoubtedly will be a hotly contested second vote. If approved at that meeting, the ban would come before voters in the borough's October municipal election. While Tuesday night's vote has limited long-term meanin...
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Kodiak Post 17 hosts South in four-game series
Kodiak Post 17 manager Leonard Pickett got an unwelcome sight when he arrived at Monday’s American Legion baseball practice. A construction crew from Anchorage was taking down the Baranof Field fences in preparation for the instillation of outfield artificial turf. The problem: The crew was a week ahead of schedule. “I was shocked,” Pickett said. It was actually panic mode for me for about an hour until we got thi...
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KEA board authorizes $10 million for backup’s backup diesel
“Better safe than sorry” could be the motto of the Kodiak Electric Association. On Thursday, the electric cooperative’s board of directors unanimously voted to allow CEO Darron Scott to borrow up to $10 million to purchase a new 4.4 megawatt emergency diesel generator. The generator will act as a backup’s backup, supplying power in case the Terror Lake hydroelectric power plant goes down at the same time one of th...
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