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TEEING OFF: A little about McGuire
When I told Gizmo — my 4-year-old Japanese chin — that I was interviewing Kodiak High School’s new football coach, the pup wanted me to ask one question: Do you have a dog? I was happy to report back to Gizmo that he does. Bill McGuire, Kodiak’s fifth head coach in the program’s 13-year history, ...
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PREP PICKS: State champs collide in opening week
Alaska’s high school football season kicks off today with a marquee matchup on the Kenai Peninsula that some are calling the “Game of the Century.” It’s a game many have wanted to see for years — South Anchorage, a large-school powerhouse, vs. Soldotna, winners of 29 consecutive games. The battle...
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Coast Guard Kodiak goes on lockdown after trespassing woman enters base
The U.S. Coast Guard Military Police detained a woman who caused a security lockdown Tuesday after she trespassed onto Coast Guard Base Kodiak, a trooper report said Thursday. Becky Pavloff, 36, was contacted and detained at about 12:19 p.m. for entering the base after she had been previously war...
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AMAZING NATURE: Old Harbor Summer Camp with Ocean Science
Remember those summer days at camp when so much was happening all in one week that it all became a blurr in ones head? Actually, my first summer camp on the beach was in High School and unfortunately it had nothing to do with Marine Science. The only planned activities there were soccer games, wh...
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Reflecting on pilgrimage to St. Herman's hermitage
Early Saturday morning (way before I am usually awake and about), seven boats departed from the Kodiak harbor into a foggy whispery sea, beginning the physical part of a pilgrimage to the hermitage of St. Herman on Spruce Island. Say that three times. Pilgrimage to St. Herman's hermitage or Pilgr...
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Alaska State Troopers: Aug. 14
AUG. 11 At about 9:14 a.m., Alaska State Trooper in Kodiak investigated the report of an American flag and a U.S. Marine Corps flag being stolen from a residence near the intersection of Spruce Cape Road and Carroll Way. AST also received two more reports from residences in the area that American...
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City government shouldn’t act like a common bully
All citizens are entitled to honest government. Few would disagree with that unremarkable statement. But what does it mean? In my book, an “honest” government is one that recognizes that it is just as obligated to abide by the law as any of its individual citizens, and which treats those citizens...
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Burglar missed chance to steal at least 50 guns
The burglar who stole 17 guns from Wild Trader’s on Saturday had the opportunity to steal 39 more handguns in a matter of seconds, but he was racing against time. The suspect stayed in the store for only 1 minute and 34 seconds as the security alarm blared after he smashed the pawn and locksmith ...
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