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Suzanna Bobo
Island Flavor: The back door to halibut happiness
Sure, it’s great being a restaurant critic until you get tired of eating. Or, better said, too tired to eat. This is how it was on cruise ship Tuesday. My partners and I shopped, measured, cooked, baked, and packaged for days. We schlepped crates up my stairs and back down again, in and out of my...
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Island Flavor: Near Island Coffee hits stride in Kodiak
I suppose the mark of one’s maturity is how one adapts to change. Things happen. Opportunity knocks. Challenges confront. External events, even positive ones, poke at our good nature. I was thinking about my own reaction to change this week when a moving van delivered the last bits of my Colorado...
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Island Flavor: The Old Powerhouse: a review ahead of its time
One advantage of a previous career in academe is I’ve learned how to reason my way out of an ethical conundrum. My particular problem is this: I’m joining my lady friends for dinner at Old Powerhouse Friday, but my column (in which I review Old Powerhouse) is due on my editor’s desk Thursday. The...
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Island Flavor: Java Flats caters to health nuts
April is the cruelest month, T. S. Eliot said in his compelling and influential work, “The Waste Land.” Those owing federal income tax may agree. But inhabitants of Kodiak Island know the designation “cruel” belongs not to April but to the long winter month when Alicia McEwan closes Java Flats fo...
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The café at PKIMC: Cheapest lunch in town
Employees at Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center recently hosted an enthusiastic team of some 20 epic visitors. Actually, that should read: Epic visitors. The team was in town to help staff switch to a new method for hospital record keeping, a digital system called Epic. I may be the only non...
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Island Flavor: Familiar, yet unique, Subway offers the best of both
It’s no secret I’ve joined the ranks of responsible people who work in an office. Not just any office, mind you; this one’s a beautiful corner office downtown with tall windows, a gorgeous view and a printer/fax machine that actually works. I’m loving it. But I must adapt to a new modus operandi....
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Island Flavor: So many great Kodiak fries, so little time
Psychologist Victoria Secunda once wrote that, of all the haunting moments of motherhood, few rank among hearing your own words come out of your daughter’s mouth. I know what she means. As the mother of four, I experience times when my children sound a lot like me. It would be funny, if my kids d...
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Island Flavor: A philosophy of goodness at Henry’s Great Alaskan Restaurant
I catch a lot of flack in my line of work. Not just from colleagues, or from the general readership, or even from food service workers. Most of it comes from my own family. And not simply extended family who never understood my craft. (“Writer, eh? Well, at least you’ll be qualified to fill out y...
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