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Switgard Duesterloh
Amazing Nature: Species countdown is on
Last week’s mermaid article discussed a TV show that claimed the possibility for legendary mermaids to not only have roamed the oceans once upon a time, but also their survival into present day. While the mermaid story is far-fetched for anatomical and physiological reasons, there is much evidenc...
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TV show causes mermaid frenzy
Mermaids, dragons and mystic monsters — they all inspire our fantasies. Who has not looked upon the ocean and wondered what might live in its depths that we don’t know about. Who has never stood looking out at the crests of waves, a sudden splash, or a dark shape quickly moving away under water a...
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Amazing Nature: Carbon dioxide levels reach historic high mark
Four hundred parts per million of carbon dioxide! On May 10, the news went out that for the first time in history, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric observatory on Mauna Loa in Hawaii reached 400 parts per million. According to the NOAA websit...
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Amazing Nature: How fish see the world
Fish, crab and octopus see the world in a different light Looking at a day’s catch of fish triggers a variety of reactions and emotions in onlookers. This week, a group of students from Anchorage on a field trip to Kodiak were treated to the sight of a fish hold sporting freshly caught cod, halib...
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Amazing Nature: Whales migrating to rich feeding grounds and gray whales getting the mud scoop
Once again, Kodiak is celebrating Whale Fest. To celebrate the occasion and watch some whales, we packed a group of boys into our cars and headed out to Narrow Cape last Saturday. Friday had been a pleasant and sunny day, and I hoped Saturday would follow suit. It did not. Clouds obscured the vie...
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Amazing Nature: Ecosystems connect marine life forms
We all know what an ecosystem is. We use the term all the time. But how is the term defined? How big or small is an ecosystem? Where are the boundaries? What are the factors in an ecosystem and how are they connected? These are questions that Kodiak seventh-grade students are contemplating during...
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Amazing Nature: Small life forms are of big importance
The ocean has an endless supply of life forms and topics to write and learn about. Nonetheless, sometimes I sit in my living room staring into space and wonder what the topic of the next amazing nature column should be. On the last such occasion, my son asked if I had ever written about bacteria....
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Amazing Nature: Biology and symmetry of sea stars
Once again, it is that time of year when Kodiak fifth-graders visit the Ocean Science Discovery Lab on Near Island to conduct a scientific experiment complete with predictions, measurements, data recording and analysis. The stars of the unit are sea stars, and we begin by talking about the biolog...
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