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Suzanna Bobo
The crow that swallowed the phone and other bird tales
Have you noticed how, having grown familiar with a person, we tend not to hear the little things that person says? Case in point: My husband Bo stepped out on our deck, which overlooks the Fuller boatyard, and when he came back inside the house he pointed at a bird on the power line and said some...
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Why we should care about a little tick
Last week I had the privilege of serving at a fundraising benefit at King’s Diner. The event was a prime rib dinner; the funds raised will support ongoing medical treatment for Chris Dresdow, who has chronic Lyme disease. The event was a hit. More than 100 people left the building smacking their ...
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Scuttlebutt: Gill's prescription for a perfect vacation — lobster, lobster
“I have to admit, when I mentioned what I was doing for my vacation, I had a lot of people scratching their heads,” said Paul Gill, commanding officer of the Personnel Services Support Unit of the Coast Guard in Kodiak. “Why does a guy who lives in Kodiak, Alaska, and serves in the Coast Guard ch...
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KHS grad tells why progesterone is better for women
Question: You are a middle-aged woman and you are having uncomfortable and irritating physical experiences including hot flushes and night sweats. Hormone therapy can alleviate your symptoms. Yes or no? Or, you are a physician and the woman described above is your patient. This patient is also ha...
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Boatyard camaraderie shows our honest best
I feel vaguely ill at ease, the way I always feel when I have completed a major project. This task is not completely done, of course. When one’s project involves a boat, one is never truly finished. But the Bethany B has been re-launched. Her transmission cables have been rerouted, her bilge pump...
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Old tower gets new look amid round of renovations
Just in time for the 2011 Spruce Island pilgrimage, members of Holy Resurrection Orthodox Cathedral completed work on the church’s historic bell tower, a project that began in mid-May. The original structure, which served many functions during its 70-plus year history, was demolished last spring....
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A heart in two places at once
I am sitting at a table at Denver International Airport, and I feel as if I have landed in Insta-World. Put my hand here, and water streams out. Rub hands together there and, presto, the hands are dry. A few steps away there is a kiosk that allows me to recharge my electronic equipment, and next ...
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The view from Dog Bay
It’s funny how your perspective changes when you shift locations. It can be a big shift — the view of the Rocky Mountains, depending on whether one is traveling from the east or from the west — or it can be a small shift — the difference in outlook depending on how one orients her writing desk in...
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