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Best democracy money can buy
by Dana Carros
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To the editor:

President Franklin Roosevelt defined fascism as the corporate dominance of government. Ex-Marine and two-tour Iraq War vet Scott Olsen emerged from a coma unable to talk. Scott received a head shot from a tear gas canister while peacefully demonstrating at the police separation line of an Occupy Oakland demonstration against the corporate dominance of government.

Sadly enough, the head shot may not have been an accident. It may have been deliberate, a tactic borrowed from one of this nation’s closest allies. Israel is expert at suppression and regularly uses the canisters as projectiles against Palestinians and sympathetic activists.

Fundamental change is the goal of the “rudderless” occupy movement, corruption running so deep that too many issues arise to limit the movement. In this election year some are calling for fundamental change. They converge to agreement on a few points. Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, Pat Buchanan and former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel agree on the need to nationalize the Federal Reserve Banks. They also agree that we need to either sanction Israel for ethnic cleansing and land theft or cut military aid.

President Obama’s policy of perpetual war revealed its next target as he lied about Iran at the G20 meeting in France.

Gadhafi’s Libya provided free health care, free college education, free retirement benefits, zero-interest loans, a $1,000 per month per person oil dividend, etc. His biggest sin alongside the possession of oil was probably the refusal to take much money from the IMF, thereby avoiding control by international bankers. Gasoline was 50 cents per gallon like in Iran. The war continues in what is left of Libya and the Libyans are literally doomed and suffer a hell closer to what the Gazans live under than the relative paradise they knew.

Instead of giving head shots from tear gas canisters, the authorities ought to give these Occupy protestor patriots freedom medals.

Alexis de Tocquevill wrote, “When America ceases to be good she will cease to be great.” If you are happy about the prospects for your country then continue what you are doing.

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