Kodiak Daily Mirror - Lies an easy sell for the rich
Lies an easy sell for the rich
by Heather Peterson
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To the editor:

Well, things will be heating up soon in the fight for the White House. It will be nasty, infecting friends and neighbors across the country. It is sad that politics divides our country so. Republican politicians, or corporate lobbyists, don’t mind blatantly lying, because a certain amount of the public will believe it, get angry, and vote. It’s a great business, our political system. Corporations thrive in it because they aren’t human, so they don’t get tired and worn down like people do.

That is why horrors like Pebble Mine almost always succeed. The machine wears you down from all angles and stacks the court system. That is why Exxon won where we should clearly have won. It’s a big fun game for the rich, and all they need are an ignorant voting base to keep lining their pockets. 

Since so-called “Republicans” don’t listen or pay attention, fighting for their made-up causes, they effectively ruin the freedoms of the people and allow the rich to rule the world. If only they knew … but they choose not to. 

“Republican” politicians are the ones cutting Medicare and Medicaid, while making sure the rich and corporations get to keep their tax breaks, effectively leaving fixing our nation’s debt on the backs of the poor and elderly. It’s disgusting and shameful and the ignorance of our public is treasonous! I’m not saying our socialist programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the military don’t need to be looked at, but taking care of these people should be a source of pride for Americans, while giving the rich a free pass to operate without contribution should be a source of embarrassment for every American.

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