Kodiak Daily Mirror - Some use community as trash can
Some use community as trash can
by Deanna Cooper
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To the editor:

Spring has finally arrived in Kodiak. Along with the usual signs of the change of seasons comes the sight of a plethora of litter that has been building up for several months. To get a jump start on next Saturday’s community pick-up, I went out this past weekend to clean up a spot in the woods on the corner of Benny Benson and Mill Bay Road. I had seen it on a walk, but did not realize how bad it was until I was out there with a leftover yellow trash bag from last year.

The spot I chose to clean up is somewhat secluded but surprisingly close to the road and on the edge of a shortcut. It is a crude, brushy area where people go to — judging by the evidence — drink alcohol, eat cupcakes and other goodies, smoke, smash glass bottles and find a friendly tree when they have to go to the bathroom. I found a pair of men’s pants, a good pair of eyeglasses, innumerable beer cans and liquor bottles and  — yuck  — human excrement. I tried to imagine who the good folks are who would rather socialize in the woods than at home and become so out of it as to leave crucial personal effects behind. I feel embarrassed for those who use our community as a trash can and angry at the insensitivity of those who think it is OK to carelessly discard drink bottles of every type, smash glass on rocks just for fun and defecate near a public path and not clean up the mess. Thank you in advance to the folks who plan to come out next Saturday and help pick up Kodiak.

 Deanna Cooper
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May 04, 2011
You should see Pillar or the sides of the path on Near Island. Especially the side of Pillar facing the dump... It looks like some put grenades in trash bags and lobbed them into the woods.

I hauled about 12 55 gallon bags out of there last year but barely made an impact. Waiting for the thaw to finish to hike over there again.

As for the partying in the woods, your just mad you weren't invited.
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