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Rein in borough spending
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To the editor:

Well, time once again to get out and vote. We definitely need to take a good, long look at how our borough is being run. Most everyone thinks the federal government is spending more than it has. How about Kodiak?

Seems as if the garbage in this town is being taken care of by an outside company, and here I thought the borough had garbage powers. Making the dump more user-friendly rather than hiring a garbage cop could save some money, but that takes common sense.

Tell the owners (us) the complete story up front about the high school addition costs before we vote, not after. The state was to pay 70 percent, we were to pay 30 percent before the vote. Now it seems 60-40. That amount on a project this size is considerable.

Ah, well! Just raise property assessments, increase the mill rate and the severance tax, add a sales tax and any other tax the assembly can come up with. What the heck, it’s hard enough to make ends meet in Kodiak. Add on some more reasons to leave.

Now the pitch: We need more Tuck Bonney-type thinkers on the assembly. He has common sense, checks the issues from all sides, and is not afraid to say yes or no based on what her knows and learns. And no matter how you think the assembly actually works, the so-called weak mayor will not lead Bonney’s type around by the nose. Vote Tuck Bonney for assembly.

Ken Lester
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